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NEW DA ID! by Lexiscreamer987
Only because I needed to update a new profile picture for my DA, cause the other one is like, MONTHS old. XDD

But so uhh, yup. This is me. ^^;


Soo... yeah...  I'm just gonna go hide in a corner now... Luhan : Nervous Laugh Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
 Ever get that feeling where you're just bored and suuuuuper lazy for no apparent reason? No? Cause I know I sure do right now. :/ Anyone want to do a role play perhaps? Anyone? Yes? No? Maybe? Just message me if you really want to. 

If not, that's fine too. I just don't know what to really do honestly guys.. I just need something to do.. facepalm AKCat-bored (Acchi kocchi) 
((A/N: Okay, so I was in the middle on writing this chapter last night, and I wasn't sure I should've waited a few more days to post it or just simply post it today. I thought about it almost the entire day at school, then I said, "Eh, why not just give it to them today instead of making them wait?". So that's what I'm doing! You're welcome for the UN-long wait this time. c; <33 But I just have to say one thing, I'm sorry if this chapter seems a bit cheesy and short. ;-; I mean, I literally wrote this all in one night last night. (And yes, I'm serious too. That's some tough shit right there man, ya know? It's not as easy as it me... )) 


                                                                                    Chapter Six

                                                                                 (June 24, XXXX)
                                                                                  (Reader’s POV)

    It’s morning. I hear the clock bells ringing. And children’s laughter and joyful screamings in the air. I smell fresh, delicious pizza that just came out of the oven.

    “Wake up, (Name)...” a voice whispers in my ear in a singy-songy tone and giggles evilly. “You’re here to help me persuade these kids into the back room. Come now, please, we don’t have all day, dearie.~”

    I open my eyes. Only to see a purple man standing over me on the tiled floor. He wore a purple night guard uniform, and there was a yellow badge on his chest. He gave me this terrifying sinister grin. Like he was about to murder someone. His bright, white glowing eyes are staring down at me.

    “WAKE UP, DAMMIT!” he screams.

    I scream, too. And sit bolt upright in my bed. I look around the room, shaking in fear. But to my relief, there’s no one here. No purple psycho man. No children. I’m not at the pizzeria. I’m in my grandparents house. In their guest room.

    Calm down, (Name)... I try to tell myself, It was only a dream.

    I take deep breaths, trying to slow my now hammering heart, to still my trembling hands. It’s the Effexor pills again. I took more than I should’ve. Again.

    I’ve really got to dial the dosage back. The sadness is bad, but a really tall purple madman as a night guard is no joke, either.

    Gray morning slants through my window.

    What time is it anyway? I wondered. How much sleep did I even get?

I reach over to the nightstand for my watch.

    11:45AM. Not that bad I guess. Five hours of sleep won’t kill me, right? I hope, at least.

    I begin to stretch as I kick the covers off my body. Just as I’m about to get out of bed, my phone goes off. I fumble around for that, then I look at the ID through bleary eyes. I didn’t recognize the number at first.

    “Hello?” I say, trying to not sound like I just woke up.

    “(Name)? You there? It’s your father.”

    “Dad?” I echo. I’m very confused. Wasn’t Dad already home when I came back from the pizzeria last night? I wonder if I’m hallucinating again.

    “Yeah. I wanted to call you to see if you were awake by now, because I forgot to tell you I had a meeting to attend to today.” He says, sounding nervous. Then he continues, “Since my parents are probably still asleep at this hour, I also wanted to ask you if you could possibly go out and buy groceries. They’re running low on food. And the only thing they have in the fridge is water, bread, a couple of fruits, and other things like that. It’s not much, so that’s why I’m asking you if you could kindly go to the grocery store at some point today, please? Thanks, (Name).”

    Before I could even have a say in it, he immediately hangs up. Like he was in a hurry.

    I sigh as I end the call and place the device back on my nightstand. I get up, go to the closet and pick out a random, yet fashionable outfit to wear.

    I get changed into a nice pair of clothes, which consisted of a (favorite color) tank top with (second favorite color) jean shorts. I also pick out a light (third favorite color) hoodie to cover some of my bare skin my tank top revealed. After that, I put my (favorite shoe brand) shoes on, grab my phone and place it in the pocket of my shorts. Then I head out the bedroom door and out the house, quietly.


    After a fifteen minute walk, I’m finally at the grocery store. And to be honest, I’m kind of starving. I haven’t eaten anything since I woke up. Just as I’m about to go inside, I remember that I withdrew money a month ago, but I spent it all on music for my phone, so I walk a few blocks to an ATM machine. I’m standing there, waiting for my cash, when a message suddenly comes up, saying I can’t access my bank account. I figured I messed up my password and try again, but no luck.

    I get my card back and call Dad. He doesn’t answer. Of course he doesn’t. He’s not hungry. He’s probably having afternoon tea and biscuits with his other cytologist team members and what not. I dial another number. There’s some transatlantic static of some sort, then a voice says, "(F/N of Stepmom) (L/N)."

    “Hey, (F/N of Stepmom).”

    A few seconds of silence tick by before I finally hear, “(Name)? Is that you?”

    “Yeah, it’s me. Um, I just tried my ATM card. It’s on Dad’s account, and there seems to be something wrong. I’m trying to get something to eat and also get money to buy some groceries, but it won’t let me get any cash.”

    “That’s because I put a stop on that card.” she says, “There were four withdrawals an hour apart months ago. For forty dollars, then for seventy. The bank called me and I thought the card had been stolen or something.”

    “That was me who did that. I needed money for some stuff.” I reply.

    “You needed almost over seventy bucks?” She says in disbelief. “That’s a huge amount of money, (Name). You can’t just go around taking seventy dollars out whenever you feel like it.”

    I scoff and blink a couple times before replying, “Oh? So, are you, like, the CFO now or something?”

    Nothing but silence. Then, “Ask your father for money, then.”

    “Already tried that. He’s not answering his phone.”

    “Well,” she says, sounding as if she were shrugging her shoulders, “I don’t know what to tell you then. I’m sure you probably have some change left over from your little spending spree. Get a PB&J sandwich or something.”

    “Wait! (F/N of Stepmom)? Hey, I’m freakin’ starving over here!” I shout into the phone.

    She just ends the call. I can’t believe this. I’m so fucking hungry now that I think I’ve got the shakes. On top of that, I don’t even have enough money to buy any sort of groceries for my grandparents! I fucking can’t believe this!

    I forcefully shove my phone into my jean pocket and and feel something else in there too. Four quarters. I pull them out. I didn’t even know they were in there. Won’t do me much good, though.

    Then something dawns on me. Maybe I can go to the Pizzeria and ask a few of the day workers there for some cash. I know some of them after all. Ever since I started working in that joint. They might lend me some money. I’ll eventually have to pay them back, but it’ll have to do for now.


    I arrive at the Pizzeria. So far, barely any of the workers offered their money. Some made understandable excuses, and some made shitty ones. Like, “Sorry, I have to save it for a special event.”, “I do have money, but not enough for me to give you, sorry.”, “I need it to support my family.”, or “I don’t have any money.”

    I sigh irritably as I go sit at a nearby booth. I look around the diner. The place was unsurprisingly crowded with almost hundreds of children, pancing, dancing and jumping around. Especially towards the Show Stage. Where the animatronics were. Singing their same old melody of their band. As usual.

    It’s nearly four in the afternoon, and I’m hungrier than ever. I still got the four quarters in my pocket. It's barely enough for a slice of pizza here. I fumble with my phone and check my notifications as I put my head in my right palm. The air conditioning in the place suddenly makes me shiver and sends goosebumps from my neck and down. I roll my sleeves up and blow on my fingers, but it doesn’t help. Not even the hoodie I had on was warm enough.

    Geez, didn’t think the AC could be colder at day than at night, and it’s not even that hot out today...

    “Just stick them in your armpits.”

    I look up. A guy’s standing there in a regular night guard uniform. He looks about 19 or 20 to be honest.


    “Like this,” he says, crossing his arms over his chest and shoving his hands into his pits. “It works better than just blowing on them.”

    I decide to try it. He’s right, actually.

    “Thanks.” I say, smiling.

    “No problem." he smiles back, "So, you’re the new member of the Pizzeria staff, right?” he asks, changing the subject.

    “Yup. Working the night shift.” I reply. “Why do you ask?”

    He puts his hands in his pockets and shrugs. “Just curious. I’ve heard a little bit about you. I’m Mike Schmidt, by the way.” the guy introduces himself, “I also work the night shift.”

    “I’m (First Name) (Last Name).” I reply.

    “Hmm, what a cute name.” he smiles, making my cheeks turn slightly pink. “Say, you want to go to (favorite restaurant) with me? It’s a four diamond fancy restaurant. I actually work there part time when I’m not on night duty. Wednesdays and Sundays. I haven’t been there for a couple of weeks though, because one of the guys I work with took off. Went back to Arizona to get his wires fixed.”

    “His what?” I ask, raising a brow.

    “His wires. He loaned his old ones to his younger sister for her wedding day. To look good in the pictures. He even said he could take them on her honeymoon as well. Which was really nice of him to do, you know? But now his sister won’t give them back. She didn’t mail them back like she was supposed to. So the guy I’m talking about? PG? Yeah, he had to go get them himself. Wasn’t too happy about that. Anyway, you want to go? We can take the subway train.”

    “I don’t know,” I say. I’m really hungry and really cold. On the other hand, I just met this guy and he’s talking about wires and other crazy shit.

    Mike shrugs. He says goodbye, tells me to let him know if I want to meet up again sometime and gives me his number on a piece of paper.

    I put it in the pocket of my hoodie and doodle absentmindedly on my phone, thinking I’ll hang around here for another hour or so. But I’m not sure if I want be stuck with all these annoying kids, screaming, laughing and running around like they have no sense.

    I turn around, looking for Mike. I get up from my seat, search for him and spot him. He’s a few yards away, about to turn to a corner and towards the entrance.

    “Mike! Hey, Mike!” I shout.

    He turns around, “What is it?”

    “You got any money on you?”

    “Yeah, I do. Why?”


    “Okay, what?”

    “Okay, wait.” I say, checking something on my phone, then putting it back in my jean pocket. “I’m coming with you. If you don’t mind, of course.” I say, chuckling a bit nervously.

    “Oh no. Not at all. Come on.” he says, gesturing me out the doors. But before I do, I look back, only to find the animatronics still singing their songs for the children. And staring right at me. Like they were staring into my soul.

    It caught my breath. This made my heart jump. Made me bite my bottom lip anxiously. From the looks of it they didn’t seem too fond of me being with this guy. Especially Bonnie, Foxy and Freddy. They looked like they were ready to get off the stage and kill Mike right on the spot.

    And why? I don’t know. And I have a feeling I don’t want to find out when I come back for my shift later tonight...

Human!FNAF x Depressed!Reader- Chapter 6
 Author's Note says it all~ And...well, you get the idea XD 

FNAF, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Mike and PG © Scott Cawthon

You © Yourself (...For now... *snickers*)

Picture © masajisan

Story © Me


Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6: (Here)
Chapter 7: TO BE SOON!

Lastly, I was very surprised on how this story, out of all my stories, has the most views, and yet there's not that many chapters to it. o3o (But there will be soon~! ;D) I! I don't even know if words can express how happy this makes me! Thank you guys so much!! <33 I'll try to write more of this series if I can, but I'll tell you this. This series is probably one of the hardest stories I've ever made by far. But I'm not only doing it for entertainment, I'm doing it for you guys in general. c: But again, I'm sorry if the characters aren't exactly 'in character', it's been a while since I last updated this, and I haven't really had the time to get to it. School's been stressin' me out lately, ya know? So please bare with me. uvu Anyway, I should probably stop talking now and let you guys enjoy the story~ cx ))


                                                                          Chapter Five
                                                                         (June 24, XXXX)

                                                                          (Reader’s POV)

    “Foxy! You cantankerous stupid fox! Don’t you dare touch her!”

    “Hey! Who do you think you’re talking to, ya purple, lonely, dusty old fart!”

    “At least I’m not a dry-souled pirate bastard who caused the Bite of ‘87 to a poor innocent girl!”

    It’s not me saying that. Though I’ve wanted to. For many years on numerous occasions. My senses come back to me. I’m awake, but I pretend to still be KO. Because I eavesdrop the conversation. Between the animatronics. I can’t tell if they’re in their human forms or robot forms. But I can tell who’s talking though. Bonnie and Foxy.

    “Do you think I wanted to do that? I felt such remorse for the poor girl.”

    “Oh? If that’s the case, then why did you do it?”

    “The souls made me do it, I didn’t do it! I swear I didn’t and you know full well of it!”

    Just from the haunting memories. The Bite of ‘87. And Annie. Who was the victim of it. All because of that stupid little fox. Rage and grief were destroying me. To the point where I open my eyes and speak up.

    “Then why didn’t you just finish me off then?”

    I get up on my feet and brush myself off. I didn’t even have to look around, because I could easily tell I was in the Backstage. The room consisted of a checkered black and white tiled floor and a small table in the middle of it.

    To the back and left of the room sat a shelf, holding two spares of Chica's head, three of Bonnie's and Freddy Fazbear's.

    The animatronics all faced me with blank and shocked stares.

    “Lassie, please...let me expla-”

    I intentionally cut Foxy off. I don’t want to hear what he has to say. Not now. And not ever. Not after what he did to Annie.

    "Why didn't you? Huh? Well, come on then! Answer me dammit! You ruined my life already, why don't you just ruin it some more while you're at it!?”

    Freddy and Chica exchanged looks. Chica looked more worried than Freddy though. Freddy’s expression set off in surprise and trepidation. Bonnie just had an amused smirk on his face, whilst Foxy looked at the ground, apologetic and guilty. Just like he should be. He should be sorry. Very fucking sorry.

    “My sister adored you. She adored you so much, she even drew nonstop pictures of you and would always want to see you everytime my mom and I would take her to this damn place. And you literally decide to kill her in return!? Tell me, what did she do to deserve this? What did I do to deserve this? Now I’m taking medication, I’m failing school, I'm practically fucked up because of you. You could've ended me too, but no. You just had to murder my sister, and let ME be the one to fucking suffer. Emotionally and physically. To the point where I don't even want to live anymore!"

    “Lassie…” he says faintly, “I’m...I’m truly sorry about the incident…I really am...but-”

    “ ‘Sorry’ doesn’t cut it. Actually, no. You’re not sorry! Because if you were, you wouldn’t have fucking done it in the first place! You did that intentionally and you fucking know it!”

    “ don’t understand….you wouldn’t-”

    “What’s there to understand!? Nothing other than you intentionally killing my fucking sister!”

    “No, I—please, just let me explain all of this-”

    He suddenly stops, as if he shut down. His eyes turn pitch black. His pupils become white. Then after a few seconds he growls and looks at me right in the eyes. Oh boy, he’s going to try to kill me now. Well, I fucking dare him too.


    “I’ll gladly tear you apart and finish you off... I got your sister, now I’ll get you next.”

    I take that back. I‘m scared now. So scared my heart suddenly nearly stops. Chills start going down my spine within a millisecond. My breathing becomes heavier than usual. I gasp in horror and my eyes went huge.

    He lets out an ear-piercing screech as he lunges himself at me. I stumble back. Foxy pushes me against the wall and hovers over me. I whimper and scream in fear. I feel hopeless. I’m frozen in place. Now all I’m ready for, is for him to finish me off and kill me. Just like he said he would.

    I close my eyes and look down. Prepared to have my frontal lobe get bitten off. Just like Annie’s.

    At least I’ll finally be able to reunite with her again. I try to think happily to myself.

    But nothing happens. All I hear is the sound of someone harshly pushing Foxy away, like they’re trying to hold him down. I reopen my eyes to see my prediction was right. Bonnie was holding Foxy off, whilst Chica was right behind him, shouting at Foxy repeatedly. This obviously seemed to set Bonnie off the most, because he looked like he just wanted to murder Foxy without a moment’s hesitation. And for once, if he did I would obligingly cheer him on.

    “Snap out of it, Foxy!” Chica screams, “She’s taking control of you again! You need to gain your control and snap out of it! Please!”

    Foxy just snarls at her, as if rebelling against her word. He tries to break free from Bonnie’s grip, but it seems pretty useless.

    Eventually his eyes go back to bright yellow and he rubs his head as he groans. Bonnie slowly lets him go once he snaps out of it.

    What was all that about anyways? Who was this, she, Chica mentioned? Now I was curious to get to the bottom of all this.

    “Don’t you dare do anything like that again, you dumbass!” Bonnie yells at him.

    “You think I can help that, you sad excuse for a rabbit?” Foxy glares back. “She’s been controlling me, haven’t you got that through your thick abysmal head by now?”

    Bonnie looked like he was ready to suckerpunch the shit out of Foxy. Chica came in and separated the two before any violence could occur.

    “Alright,” I speak up. They all turn their attention towards me now. “I want an explanation. Right now.”

    None of them answered me. They all just exchanged each other concerned and nervous looks.

    “Well? Answer me!” I began in a louder voice. “You can’t just tell me the episode Foxy had was-”

    “It’s not that, sweetheart…” Bonnie says as his voice trails off. As if he was too scared to finish his sentence.

    I suddenly feel my cheeks getting very hot from what he just said. It was hard to keep eye contact with him, but I try being focused here.

    “Then, what is it then?” I reply, getting irritated. “What’s going on? Why… why are you guys willing to help and protect me when you should be stuffing my guts into a suit right now? You don’t even know me, yet you’re doing this!? What sense does that make!?”

     Freddy looks at his companions, then at the floor and sighs.  

    The silence between the animatronics and I rings in my ears for a few minutes. They suddenly huddle around each other. They were discussing about something, but all I could make out was muffling. Then they face me again and one of them finally speaks.

    “Alright… do you want us to explain everything to you?” Freddy says.

    “Yes. I want to know what the hell is going on!”

    “Okay… we’ll tell you.”


    Before they began, they asked for me to introduce myself. (Well, I can’t blame them for asking my name. I mean we barely even know each other and it wouldn’t make sense to not know our names by now!)

    Then they told me everything. About the five missing children. How their souls were never at rest. How they’ve been...and still are angry so many years. How their bodies weren’t given a proper burial. And how the poor little children even made an oath that every other worker here should suffer the same way they suffered.

    If I wasn’t such a realist, I would’ve believed them right away.

    “Well, if that’s the case…” I say, changing the subject, “tell me this...why should I trust you guys?”

    “Because you should.” Bonnie answered.

    I laugh bitterly. Were they serious?

    “HA! Well, if you put it like that, how could I not trust you?” I exclaimed sarcastically.

    “(Name),” Chica started slowly, looking a bit sad, “Hear us out. Please… we think...”

    “Think what? That these ‘souls’ are gonna kill me and take over this whole crappy pizzeria, like it's their precious kingdom or something?”

    “No,” Freddy steps in, “(Name), look. We think...we think the bodies of the children might be…” he trails off from there as he glances at the ground.

    I put my sarcasm aside and start to think it through. Maybe that’s why the animatronics always come to attack the night guard at night.

    “Wait…so, you guys said the way the children want the night guards to suffer, is by stuffing them into suits, correct?”

    “Yes.” Freddy replies.

    “Wait...t-that means the children’s bodies must be…” I stop my sentence. I don’t need to finish. Because when I look at them, they all give me a slow nod. An icey cold shiver runs down my spine.

    “That explains the horrible stench…”

    “But that is not all, Lassie.” Foxy says. “Ya see, their precious souls had no where else to go to.”

    “So, what are you saying?”

    “They came and took control of us, las.”

    I’m too shocked to even make a response. It all made sense now. They practically possessed them. But, my question is, why the hell would the owner of the place still want to run it, even after the bad reputations the pizzeria has been given? Or he is just plain stupid?

    “In truth...we never intended to want to hurt anyone, or you for that matter.” Freddy says. “Even after the Bite of ‘87...Not even Foxy wanted to hurt your little sister. And again, we’re really sorry about her passing, (Name)…”

    “No, don’t be. I understand it all now…”  And I did. I understood it all. It wasn’t Foxy’s fault, it was their fault. The soul in Foxy was the one who killed Annie, not the animatronic itself. Now I know who I should really be pissed off at. Then again, could I blame them? I mean they’ve been trapped in those damn wired machines for ages. But that doesn’t make it an excuse for murdering my sister…

    “They just...they just didn’t want anyone to know, including you.”

    “Wait...if they didn’t want me to know, then how are you telling all this? All of you?” I inquire.

    But before I could get a response from anyone, the bell rings. I check the time on the clock.

    Damn, it’s already 6AM!?

    Well...I did faint so I guess that’s self explanatory…

    And when I turn back around, the animatronics weren’t in sight. They vanished in a heartbeat, like in a blink of an eye. I sigh as I pick up my things from the office and exit the building.

    And even when I eventually got home around 6:45AM, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids. I wanted to know more. More about their back story. What kind of sick person would do this to them? Why would they do this to them? And why did they make them suffer like this?

    And the more I thought about it, the more it made me laugh. Nervously laugh, until I cry. Then I eventually cry myself to sleep in my bed.
Human!FNAF x Depressed!Reader- Chapter 5
Do I really need to point out the obvious? Author's Note basically says it all. XD

FNAF, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy © Scott Cawthon

You © Yourself

Picture © masajisan

Story © Me


Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5: (Here)
Chapter 6:…

(EDIT: Okay, so apparently I heard some of the scene with the reader, and the animatronics seems to be like an accidental version of Rebonanica. o3o I'll be honest with ya guys, I have seen that video before, but it's been so long since I last see it that I can remember, I seriously did not see that. This was literally all accidental. o: Though, I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing to have it in the version I have it but if it's bad, please note me and let me know so I can rewrite it! Again, this was not intentional, seriously! Now I feel like slapping myself to where my face is numb ;-; )

EDIT 2: OKAY OKAY, I CHANGED THIS CHAPTER UP MORE THAN IT WAS BEFORE. But again, if it still seems a bit like Rebornica, PLEASE. LET. ME. KNOW. I'll make more changes if I have to. Thank you.


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"Life is like a piano. White keys represent joy. Black keys represent sadness. Just remember, as you go through life, the black keys make music too." - Anonymous

"Sometimes the people you want as part of your story, are only meant to be a chapter." - Anonymous

"Are they worshiping the God that made man, or the God that man made?" - Chris Crocker

"Can I get a A-WOMEN!?" - Chris Crocker

"I live on social media because I can't live in the real world... (⊙^⊙) " - Me

Aaaaaand....that's about it! :meow:


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I don't even know where to start. xD He's always been there for me. We've known each other and had been best friends for 3 years. We've been together as a couple for 1 year and 5 months. He's now my best friend and lover. We have so much in common that it's ridiculous! (Seriously, I'm not joking. We literally have almost everything in common! XD )
Sure, we may have our ups and downs and other tough times, but we always help each other get through them. Together. I love you so much, love! And don't you ever forget that!♥
:heart: 2.23.14 :heart:

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{My Chat Room gonna change the title soon ^^;… }

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