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I know I haven't updated a journal entry or anything in a while.. I think you guys should know why.. 

But I was tagged by :iconzoe17000: so I guess why not..? xD


1) You must place these rules.
2) Each Person Must Write 10 Facts About themselves.
3)You must tag 10 people.
4)Go to there homepage an imform them that they have been tagged by u.
5)Not something like "You have been tagged if you read this"
6)Pick ten people and put there icons in there journal.
7)You can't say I don't do tags
8)No tag back.
9) You must make a journal entry.
10)You must answer and ask 10 Questions.

Her Questions: 

1)how are you at home

A.) Eh..decent I guess. Nothing really special ever happens at home. :P

2) do you like tags

A.) I don't particularly mind them. But I don't do them all the time.

3) what are you afraid of

A.) Bugs, Heights, Being embarrassed in public, and Jumpscares (depending on what it is)

4)what is your favorite food

A.) PASTA! 8D 

5) are you my friend?

A.) Well, I don't really know you that well so...I'd consider you an acquaintance, if that's okay? ^^; (But I'm always open for small talk if you want to become friends in the future.. c: ) 

6)do you have any ocs if so what are their names) 

A.) I do but I don't use her that often. In fact, barely. (Her appearance is located in my favorites ((in my collections)) if you want to see what she looks like. It'll be a bit obvious..)

7) what is your favorite animal

A.) I don't really have a favorite. I love them all equally c: :heart: 

8) do you like youtube

A.) ...Here's my question...who doesn't? XD

9)who is your best friend

A.) I have too many to even count... ;w; :heart:  

10) where do you live

A.) I usually don't like to give out where I specifically live. But I do live in the United States, that's all I can say. uvu


Facts about me.. : 

1.) I have a HUGE interest in Anime, FNAF, Creepypasta, and Transformers. ^^ 

2.) I'm an animal lover SO MUCH LUFF 

3.) I get shy, insecure and nervous around new people :c 

4.) I despise fake people, rude people and art thieves.. .-.

5.) I love Writing and Literature :heart: 

6.) I'm sometimes very sensitive.. ;-; 

7.) I'm very random XD :la: 

8.) I love supporting all my dA friends :huggle: 

9.) I listen to music almost every day (especially when I write) 

10.) I have waaaayyyy too many fandoms ouo XD 

My Questions: 

1.) What is your favorite color?

2.) Currently, are you single or in a relationship?

3.) Who is your female best friend?

4.) Who is your guy best friend?

5.) If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

6.) What are you jealous of?

7.) What is your favorite memory? (If any) 

8.) What is/are your biggest phobia(s)? 

9.) Who was the last person you texted/talked to? 

10.) What is your addiction? (Fandom wise) 


I tag the following: 









And that's it.. (: 

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Hey guys, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry if my 'X Reader' stories' updates are delayed way later than usual. And no, I'm not talking about a few weeks late (which is how they're usually updated), I'm talking about months, or even more than that...

I've just been a bit too depressed to write anything lately..

I know I shouldn't be saying this out here but it's due to family issues, school, exams, tons of homework, and other things like that and what not...

But yeah, again, I'm sorry about this guys..

I figured I'd let you guys know ahead of time instead of leaving you wondering and etc.. :thanks:

Best regards,

((I'll also delete this journal entry whenever I feel a bit better soon...if possible.. Abandonement  ))
(A/N: Okay, I swear...this chapter had me on writer's block for quite a bit ;_; But luckily I was able to think of something! That's why it's here for you guys now! :dummy: Enjoy~ )  


                                                                        Chapter Four

                                                                       (June 23, XXXX)

                                                                        (Reader’s POV)

    It’s Tuesday. Which means I have yet another day to work at that pizzeria again later tonight.

    I'm at home now. It’s 10:42AM. I still have more hours to go before I head back there for my nightshift.

    “I heard from Dr. Marcus earlier this morning, (Name).” Dad says, walking in the kitchen with a banana and a newspaper in his hands.

    I stop what I’m doing, which is sitting at the table in the kitchen—Photoshopping a nose ring onto a poster of Freddy Fazbear on my laptop for the fun of it, and look up.

    “What did he say?”

    “That your mother’s doing a bit better. She’s tolerating the new drugs given to her. She’s also eating and participating in group therapy.”

    “Did he say if we can talk to her yet by chance?”

    “He said to give it another day or two.”

    “Okay,” I say agreeably.

    Sure. Why not? In fact, I’ll give it two. Wednesday and Thursday. But next week on Monday, I’ll be at the hospital. And then Dr. Marcus will need every security guard in the place to keep me from talking to her. Most likely. 

    “How’d you do last night at the pizzeria?” he asks, “Are you making progress? Money wise?”

    “Yeah, I am. I already finished the first night. I haven’t received any money yet but it’s a start. I think I’ve made at least four bucks an hour last night.” I say, faintly smiling.

    “That’s great,” he says, smiling back.

    “Yeah,” I say, “How’s the testing in the lab going?”

    “Quite well, actually. The lab team’s hoping for results soon on the fingerprinting in our genetic engineering experiment we’re working on.”

    It's just as I said before. Dad's usually always busy in the lab where he works—since he is a well known cytologist after all. It’s not far from my grandparent’s house here in Kansas. Actually, he doesn’t have just one, but a couple more labs and meetings he goes to. Almost all over the world. Three? Four? Five? I can’t even count.

    “Cool,” I say, smiling even harder. So hard it makes my face hurt.

    “There’s going to be a dinner either this coming up Wednesday or the next. At (favorite restaurant). You could come. If you wanted to,” Dad says.

    “Wow. Yeah. The only things is, if it’s this week, I still got the nightshift. I have to finish throughout this entire week. Remember?”

    “Oh. Right.” It finally comes back to him, “Are you going to be receiving a paycheck by the end of this week?”

    “I am. Well, I should at least.”

    “And it’s going to be a high pay?”

    “I think it is. Approximately $120, I think the paper said.”

    He nods, then he heads out into the living room. I notice my grandparents weren’t out there, so I just assumed they’re still sleep. They’ve always been heavy sleepers in the mornings.


    Later, we eat some takeout Chinese food with my grandparents at the table. By now it’s 9:30PM. Almost time for me to head back to my temporary job. A shitty one.

    Afterwards, they went back in the living room. My grandmother sewed on the couch, while my grandfather just slept on the couch chair. Snoring away. Dad and I took over the table meanwhile.

    After we finished our meals, he sits at one end of the table and I’m at the other. We both take out our laptops and continue working. We both work quietly for hours—well, working on the nose ring on Freddy Fazbear, that is. For me.

    Not fighting, which is good.

    All I have to is get through tonight, tomorrow and this whole week. Without another big blowup. Like having random employees coming into the office, just to hang around. Or kiss the night guard.

    Speaking of which, flashbacks from yesterday hit me. Those workers. They looked...familiar. In some way. I didn’t know how but they just did. Could they…?

    No, it couldn’t be. They couldn’t be. Can’t be. Animatronics are robots. Not humans. There’s no way in hell it’s possible for them to just magically become humans.

    But if that’s the case...why did those employees look...very similar to Bonnie and Chica?

    Maybe it’s just the Effexor pills. Usually if I take a bit more than usual, I start hearing things and hallucinations and suicidal impulses start to kick in too. That’s why I try to cut back on the dosage now instead of taking more than what I should. In order to help with my depression, that is.

    Then again, even if it was possible, they’d probably tell you something like: “It’s a magical place for kids and grown ups alike, darlin’! Of course we can magically metamorphose into humans!”

    So much for logic.

    I finish with the nose ring on Freddy Fazbear and look at the time on my laptop.


    I should probably head over now before it gets too dark. And before I’m late.

    I close my laptop and quickly go to the fridge. I’m trying to decide what to bring.

    An orange? A couple packs of string cheese? Chips?

    I shake my head. I have no time to mess around. I quickly grab a couple of proteins bars and an energy drink from the cupboard, shove them down my string bag and head out the door.

    I could’ve asked my dad to drive me up there, but I didn’t. The weather’s pretty decent tonight, so I thought it’s best if I just walk, regardless of how far it is.


    I arrive at the pizzeria. I run to my office, slam my stuff on the desk and plop in my chair. It hurts to breathe. I’m out of breath. I was in a hurry to get here. I didn’t want to be late.

    After I spend ten minutes of catching my breath, I look at the time on the tablet.


    “Okay. Only five minutes before my shift begins.” I sigh heavily in relief. I sink back against my chair, relaxed now.

   Though that spare time didn’t last long before I got another phone call. I let it go to voicemail again after a few rings.

    "Uhh, Hello? Hello? Uh...well, if you're hearing this and you made it to day two...uh, congrats!"

    I fish through my bag, take out a protein bar and have a few bites as he talks.

    “I-I won't talk quite as long this time since Freddy and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses. Uhh, it might be a good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk just to make sure everyone's in their proper place. You know…”

    I do so. I swallow, place the protein bar on the desk and flip through the cameras.

    “Uh... Interestingly enough, Freddy himself doesn't come off stage very often. I heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark though, so, hey...I guess that's one more reason not to run out of power, right? I-I also want to emphasize the importance of using your door lights.”

    As he continues, the cameras go black and noises are heard, as if someone was messing with them. The animatronics are probably at it. When the camera’s vision comes back, Chica was the first one to move.

    She stared blankly at the camera in the Dining Area. With her mouth wide open, showing her visible endoskeleton teeth at the back of her mouth. Or beak. Whichever it is.

    “There are blind spots in your camera views, and those blind spots happen to be right outside of your doors. So if-if you can’t find something, or someone, on your cameras, be sure to check the door lights. Uh, you might only have a few seconds to react...Uh, not that you would be in any danger, of course. I'm not implying that."

    Not that I wouldn’t be in danger, huh? Yeah, sure. Of course not.

    I wanted them too though. To catch me and stuff me into a suit. Last night. But why didn’t they come after me? Why?

    "Also, check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time. The character in there seems unique in that he becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time."

    Foxy the Pirate. He comes alive at night too? I’m not surprised. After what that waste of scrap metal did to Annie, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bit the heads of other night guards who used to work here. Or murdered them. Including this one on the phone. If he’s even still alive, that is.

    “I guess he doesn't like being watched. I don't know. Anyway, I'm sure you have everything under control! Uh, talk to you soon.”

    And with that, my shift begins again.


    I check the cameras cautiously as I check my outdoor lights. It’s 2AM and nothing’s happened yet. No one’s moved yet. I sigh and place the tablet on my lap. I lean back in my chair and stare at the ceiling. I close my eyes.

    Just before I nod off to sleep, I hear laughter. It’s coming from the left side of door. I shot my head back down and turned to the door. When I shine my door light I scream bloody murder. Bonnie was standing outside my door. Luckily, my fast reflexes were able to shut the door on him before he could get in.

    I wipe a sweat from my forehead and sigh heavily in relief.

    After my hands and legs stop shaking a few minutes later, I pick up the tablet again and check CAM 4B, only to see Chica glaring at the camera. Then it was replaced with a smirk.

   My heart pounds. My eyes widen.

    Why is she smirking?

    Deciding to ignore her for now, I switch from CAM 4B to CAM 1C. None other than Pirate’s Cove.

    Foxy had left from behind the curtains of his Cove. He was now in front of the camera, shrouded in complete darkness. With the only indication of his presence being his glowing eyes and outline. His head was also tilted sharply to the left, which sent chills down my spine.

    I dare that piece of shit to sprint into the office, I tell myself confidently, Like I'd be scared of him. Especially what he did to Annie.

    Wrong. That was no legit confidence. It was pretend. Fake. All of it. My heart was pounding against my ribcage like a drum. So hard I thought my ribs would snap.

    When I check my left door light, to my relief Bonnie had left. For now at least. I unwillingly open the door and turn my attention back to the camera.

    I quickly check the Show Stage. Freddy was staring at the camera. With pitch black eyes. The only light you could see in them were his white irises. Thankfully he wasn’t active like the rest of the animatronics were.

    I try swallowing a huge lump in my throat. It was only 4AM, and I had 10% power left. I had two more hours to go. There’s no way I’d survive this night. Why haven’t they been active like this last night? Were they going easy on me before?

    When I placed the tablet on my lap, I realize I made a mistake. The biggest one I probably ever made.

    Chica was right in front of me. Right next to her stood Bonnie. I jump out of my chair and stumble on my feet, terrified at their sudden presence.

    I didn’t check them periodically as I should’ve. That’s how they got in.

    They just stood there. Staring at me with their creepy, robotic eyes. Doing nothing. Nothing yet.

    This could be the end of it. End of me. I wanted to scream, but by doing that will only make the situation worse.

   I glance at the clock. 4:30AM. And I had only 3% battery left. This was it for me. Most definitely. My own funeral. A funeral that could finally be planned. With no one to attend it.

    As I take a few steps back, leaning against the wall, I hear footsteps. Rapidly approaching the office.

    Oh shit, don’t tell me-

    Too late. The animatronic who I didn’t want to appear was standing right in front of the door. Then alongside the others. Foxy came in quicker than I could say “sabotage”.

   It was only a matter of time before they all opened their mouths and let out massive, ear piercing screeches. All at once, like a choir.

    I cover my ears. I curl up in a ball in a corner and cry. Cry out for help. But I knew no one would come for me. Come to my rescue. Not even the clock could save me with its time

    Before I knew it, the power went out. Everything in the office shuts down. The lights. The fan. Everything in the place did.

    I slowly uncover my ears, ready for Freddy’s melody to start playing. A horrifying melody to be the last thing remembered before my death.

    But nothing happens. The room was filled with silence. Silence that ringed in my ears. With blurry teared eyes, I slowly lift my head, only to see four human figures.

    I gasp. Two of the figures I recognized. They were the same strangers I saw in my office yesterday. The other two I certainly didn’t recognize.

    One male had reddish brown, long shaggy hair. He had light yellow eyes. He wore a red buccaneer coat with a white plaid shirt underneath it. He had black ornate captain boots. He had a hook on his right hand and also bears an eye patch that's folded over his right eye.

    He wore brown linen pants that were shredded at his legs, exposing his—actually nice looking—bare legs.

    The other wore a brown tuxedo. He had light blue eyes. He had straight, short brown hair, a black top hat, a black bowtie and black dress shoes.

    “Woah, woah. Calm down. It’s alright.” The lavender haired boy smiles, raising his hands in defeat. “It’s just us! From yesterday at your office, remember? Don’t you remember us?”

    “W-What?” I stutter, “B-But...t-there's more than just t-two of you...h-how did you guys e-even...a-and the animatronics...t-they were just here...A-And…I c-could’ve sworn...”

    “The animatronics? Oh, you mean the ones on stage?” He says.

    I’m too scared to even reply.

    “I’ll show you them! Now, don’t freak out. I promise this’ll only last a moment.” He says.

    His eyes suddenly turn black and his pupils turn white. His body slowly transforms into purple metal. As soon as I blink, his head also does the same thing. It transforms too and in front of me stood one of the animatronics. My used-to-be favorite as a kid.


    My heart nearly stops and I gasp. I blink multiple times, trying to figure out what just transpired. Right in front of my eyes.

    This was like a nightmare come true. My nightmare. I wanted to think this was just another effect from the Effexor. But no. It wasn’t. This was reality.

    “Is this who you were talking about? Me? The rest of the gang?” He smiles, tilting his head to the side.

    I couldn't speak. Move my lips. Breathe. Do anything.

    All I saw as I collapse, is Freddy—in his robot form—running over to Bonnie with a glare.

    "Dammit. Great, now look what you done, Bonnie!” he shouts, “I told you not to frighten her with our robot forms yet. I only came to have us compromise with her and now you screwed it up! Why don't you ever listen to what's said to you!?"

    "Sorry boss," Bonnie says, looking at the ground, ashamed and guilty, "I just thought she might've recognized us somehow..."

    I hear two more footsteps approaching, but my vision was blurring.

    “She’s passing out guys!” Chica—also in her robot form—gasps.

    "Quick!" Foxy shouts in concern, "We can't just leave her like this. We need to take her to the Backstage to-"  

    I don't hear the rest of his sentence. Because that was all I remember before my vision fades to black.
Human!FNAF x Depressed!Reader- Chapter 4
I'm sorry if the humor I tried to add in this whenever you faint is a bit...dry. ^^; I couldn't think of anything else, I'm sorry >.< ;^;

But otherwise, I hope you liked it! :heart:

FNAF, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy & Phone Guy © Scott Cawthon

You © Yourself

Picture © masajisan

Story © Me


Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4: (Here) 
Chapter 5: TO BE SOON! 
(A/N: Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for the veeerry long wait on this chapter. ;-; I've been a bit busy over the holidays, but luckily since I'm on Christmas break at the moment, I finally got the chance to get back with this series. ^^ Oh and by the way, if some of you are Bonnie fans, you probably may like this! :) Maybe even love it? Maybe? I don't know.. ^^; As for the rest of you FNAF fans, I hope you guys enjoy too! )  


                                                                         Chapter Three

                                                                        (June 22, XXXX) 

                                                                         (Reader's POV) 

    Turns out I’m not lucky. Not remotely. After Dad and I met the owner of the place, he gave us a tour. Just a quick one. Not a long one.

    I look around as he still rambles on, completely zoning out. I eye the water stained Fazbear wallpapers in the hallway and the crumbling ceiling above them.

    The main office looks like crap. Papers, files and balls of crumbled up aluminium foil were scattered everywhere on the desk. Cobwebs were formed right underneath it. Pieces of hanging wire strings covered the walls of the office. But not entirely.

    Above the right side of the desk were drawings kids had made back in the 1980s. They were crap, too. Though I saw a very artistic one of Foxy hanging up there. It was probably Annie's. It had to be. The rest of the drawings just had Freddy, Bonnie or Chica on them.

    The other side of had a big advertising wallpaper of the pizzeria, which read "CELEBRATE!" above it.

    I’m surprised this place isn’t on the city's condemned list. Though it should be. The owner isn’t even meticulous. Or neat.

    “...And other than that, your daughter should be good to go, Mr. (L/N).” the owner finishes with a rest assured smile.

    Dad nods before looking at his watch. Then he turns to me. “Make sure you let me know when you’re done with your nightshift so I can unlock the door to your grandparents' house when you get back.”

    And with that, he leaves the building. No goodbye’s. No hugs. No anything. Moments later the owner followed, though he stopped just outside the door to face me.

    “Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention,” he says, “Make sure you read the recordings in the voicemail. They’ll help you get settled in on your first night and throughout the week. Other than that, you should be good. Goodnight!”

    I nod. Then he finally leaves. I check the time on the clock.

    11:57 PM. Just three minutes before my shift begins.

    I pick up the tablet on the desk and lean back in my chair. Just before I could get comfortable, the phone rings. I wanted to answer it, but I don’t. I let it go to voicemail. Just as I was told to.

    “Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night.” The voice on the phone begins. It didn’t belong to the owner though.

    “Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Uh, you'll do fine. So, let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay?”

    I tune in carefully now.

    “Uh, let's see. First there's an introductory greeting from the company that I'm supposed to read. Uh, it's kind of a legal thing, you know.”

    He clears his throat.

    “ ‘Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life.’ “

    More like a magical place called hell.

    “ ‘Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon as property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced.’ "

    My eyes widen. My heart stops. My pulses pound. The person on the phone was reading from the newspaper, but I didn’t hear that part from it. Didn’t Dad see that? Or was it just not mentioned in the article?

    Or is this just a way of getting rid of me? Probably. I push these thoughts out of my head as he continues.

    “Blah blah blah. Now that might sound bad, I know, but there's really nothing to worry about.”

    I absentmindedly flip through the cameras as he talks. I check each room. The West Hall. The W. Hall Corner. The East Hall. The E. Hall Corner. The Supply Closet. The Backstage. The Dining Area. The Restrooms. The Kitchen, though it was pitch black through camera view. And lastly, the Show Stage and Pirate’s Cove.

    “Uh, the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night.”

    I stare blankly at the phone. I didn’t know whether to be scared or laugh at that sentence. Sure, the animatronics- I mean, those fucking creatures walked during the day, but at night? That’s kind of hard to believe. I let it go anyways.

    “But do I blame them? No. If I were forced to sing those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I'd probably be a bit irritable at night too. So, remember, these characters hold a special place in the hearts of children and we need to show them a little respect, right? Okay.”

    I chuckle to myself. Respect those animal turds? Yeah, respect my ass.

    "So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night."

    Oh. I guess that explains how they “walk” during the night.

    "Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. They used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?"

    The memories made my hands curl up into fists. I wanted to punch a hole through the phone. Hear no more of it. But I knew I'd get fired for destroying any property in this place. I knew better.

    I try to stay as calm as possible as I continue listening.

    “Now concerning your safety, the only real risk to you as a night watchman here, if any, is the fact that these characters...uh, if they happen to see you after hours probably won't recognize you as a person. They'll...most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without its costume on. Now since that's against the rules here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, they'll probably try to...forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit.”

    Stuff me inside a suit? Doesn’t seem bad, I guess. They’re just costumes.

    “Um, now, that wouldn't be so bad if the suits themselves weren't filled with crossbeams, wires, and animatronic devices, especially around the facial area. So, you could imagine how having your head forcefully pressed inside one of those could cause a bit of discomfort...and death. The only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth when they pop out the front of the mask. Heh. Y-Yeah, they don't tell you these things when you sign up.”

    That’s when I thought I’d have a panic attack. My breathing becomes heavier. My heart pounds loudly in my ears. I gulp, sucking in my pride as I keep listening.

    “But hey, first day should be a breeze. I'll chat with you tomorrow. Uh, check those cameras, and remember to close the doors only if absolutely necessary. Gotta conserve power. Alright, goodnight.”


    It was already 5 AM. I have 29% power left. I constantly check the cameras. Mainly the Show Stage and Pirate’s Cove. Bonnie and Chica were the only ones who had moved. But I couldn’t find them. Anywhere.

    I look at the left door and stand up. An idea hits me as I start walking over. It’s only five steps from where the office is. I count them as I go anyways. Then one step towards the doorway. And then I’m looking outside from the corner of it. It would be so easy.

    One more step outside the door and it would be all over for me. The animatronics could end it all for me. Do me a favor for once. One small step to suicide and no more pain, no more anger, no more anything.

    A voice behind me says: “What are you doing?”

    I turn around. In front of me stood a tall boy in a purple polo shirt and black vest. A red bowtie was held on the center of it, just beneath the collar of his polo. He wore black tailored khakis and black dress shoes. He had thin, smooth and short lavender hair that had a right slanted fringe. He also had maroon eyes. He was actually quite attractive.

    “Who are you? And what are you doing here?” I question him, “Aren’t you supposed to be back home? Staff members aren’t allowed here during the night.”

    He just chuckled. “I could say the same thing for you, beautiful.”

    “I’m the night guard. I’m supposed to stay here.” I state, trying to hide my furious blushing.

    His eyes become wide. “Oh? So you’re the new guard, huh?”

    “Yup. Unfortunately.” I roll my eyes.

    He places a finger under his chin and mumbles something under his breath that I can’t comprehend.

    “Anyways, so, why are you-”

    “Oh my, your hands! What happened to them?” He blurts, pointing at them in concern. I look down. The skin on my hands were dry. Really dry. My hands never get dry unless I'm cold. The air conditioning in the pizzeria felt like Antarctica. The fan running on the desk didn’t seem to help either. Even more so I didn't even think about bringing a sweatshirt, hoodie or anything to keep me warm throughout the night shift. 

     Why am I so stupid? 

    “Here, allow me.” He walks over to turn off the fan. Then he comes back, takes my hands in his and blows on them. He’s close. Too close to me.

    But I actually don’t mind. His breath is wine-sweet and warm. He smells good too. Before I know it, he takes my face in his hands, slowly leans in and kisses me. My eyes go wide at his actions, but eventually I fall in and kiss back. He feels good too.

    He actually cared? But why? I don’t even know this guy’s name, yet here I am. Lip locking with him. I don't know why, but I already want to feel him. To feel his breath on my neck. The warmth of his skin. To feel something other than sadness and depression.

    Hold me, I tell him silently. Hold me here. To this moment. This life. Make me want you. Want this. Want something. Please, I beg him.

    And suddenly I hear, “Ooh. Having a make out session with the night guard, are we Bonnie?”

    We quickly part from each other. We both turn to see a young girl in the doorway. She wore a yellow, knee-length puffed sleeve dress with a pinafore worn over the top and red ankle-strap shoes. She had bright magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. She had short, gold blonde hair and also wore a bib that said, “LET’S EAT!”

    Why does she have a replica of Chica’s bib? Isn’t she a bit too old to be wearing that?

    “Hey!” he barks, “It’s not...It’s nothing...We were just…She was cold, you know? And I was…”

    “That’s not how I saw it!” she exclaimed. Was she angry? Was she teasing him? I couldn’t tell. Her voice was a mixture of both.

    The shouting between the two begins. It gives me a bigger migraine than what I had before. 

    After what seemed like a good half hour of their arguing, the bell rings. They stop and look at the clock. I follow their gaze. It’s 6 AM. And not once did any of the animatronics get me. Looking puzzled, I look back at the two. They returned the look.

    “You better go,” they both tell me.

    I nod and do so. I grabbed my things and weaved through them out the door, since they wouldn’t move. I eavesdrop their conversation on the way out the building.

    “I can’t believe you actually kissed the new night guard. You do know what our boss might do if he finds out, right?”

    “I told you it was nothing, Chica! And don’t you dare tell him or anyone else about this either!”

     I raise a brow. Did that boy seriously just call that girl, Chica? Or am I just hearing things? I should’ve just let the animatronics kill me when I had the chance. So why didn’t I?
Human!FNAF x Depressed!Reader- Chapter 3
Sorry if I rushed Bonnie's part a bit, I couldn't think of anything else. ;_; Oh and L/N means 'Last Name'. I was too lazy to write it out so I just shortened it to make it easier. XD

(Is it weird that I literally had to watch a gameplay of FNAF just to write the phone guy's entire part? ;o; :flop:  ) 

Anyways. Other than that, author's note basically says it all! :D

I hope you guys liked it! :heart: (I hope... ^^;

FNAF, Bonnie, Chica & Phone Guy © Scott Cawthon

You © Yourself

Picture © masajisan

Story © Me


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Chapter 3: (Here)
Chapter 4:…


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