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(A/N: Ayyee there! :D Chapter 15 is FINALLY HERE! Again, I'm sorry for having each chapter being updated very late. :iconheleavesplz: Haven't gotten the chance to get around it... ;^; But thankfully it's here! I hope you guys like it! c: :heart: )


                                                                                Chapter Fifteen

    “Hello, Mr. Roshan, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Ciel shook his hand.

    “Ah, the Earl Phantomhive! The pleasure is all mine!” the man greeted joyously. He was wearing an odd red suit. His hair was slicked back and his shoes had heels that were loud when he walked across the front room and up the stairs.

    You and Emily were hiding behind her door, listening to their words. Sebastian knocked on it suddenly, causing you guys to jump back.

    “Yes?” you asked as you opened the door.

    “Our guest has arrived,” Sebastian informed us. “We’ll need some tea.”

    “What kind?” Emily asked, typing her apron around her waist.

    “Earl Grey,” Sebastian said, ushering you two out the door. “And please do be careful, I just cleaned the kitchen.”

    As it turns out, he did clean the kitchen. It was completely spotless. You never would have guessed a giant explosion took place there less than an hour ago.

    “He works fast,” You mumbled, reaching into a cabinet and bringing out a tea set. The tight dress restricted your movement, but with use of your tippy-toes, you could grab it. Emily put the kettle on to boil while you mixed the tea leaves.

    “I just hope everything goes well with this ‘Roshan’ guy,” You commented tiredly.

    “Oh, I’m sure it will,” Emily answered. “Ciel has persuasion powers.”

    “That’s very true,” you giggled in agreement. You dumped the tea leaves into the kettle. Emily brought out two cups and a platter. You guys walked together up the stairs and into Ciel’s office. You pushed open the door.

    “Would you care for some tea?” you asked sweetly, trying to seem like a maid.

    “Why, yes I would!” the man answered happily. You poured him and Ciel each a cup, then left the room before you could drop the heavy tray. You pushed it into Emily’s arms. You two walked back into the kitchen and set down the tea.

    “That went well,” you sighed.

    “Good. Let’s hope the rest of the evening goes that way,” Emily nodded.

    “That guy seems nice, actually,” you made small talk. “I think if Ciel doesn’t have Sebastian murder him, this will all work out very nicely.”

    “That was one time,” Sebastian strode in and groaned.

    “Let’s not try for a second,” Emily said as she leaned against the counter.

   “Doth thou have yet another task for thy humble maids?” you said in old English.

    They both laughed.

    “Not yet,” Sebastian smirked. “They are having a deep discussion.”

    “Hopefully this’ll go smoothly,” you added.

    “I have a good feeling,” Sebastian chimed in.

    “And I really-”

    Finni cut Emily off with his scream.

    “Pluto’s loose!

    “Not good!” you yelped, and ran out into the hall. You were tackled immediately by a drooling manhound. Sebastian grabbed him by his suit collar, and hoisted him off you. Just then, Pluto kicked Sebastian directly in the face, and sprinted off. You scrambled to your feet.

   “I despise dogs,” Sebastian murmured.

    “He’s heading for the stairs!” Finni screeched, tearing off up the steps. You and Emily followed as quickly as possible. Pluto turned left at the top of the stairs, heading for Ciel’s office. You and Emily tore down the hall after him.

   “No!” Emily screamed just before Pluto could run through the door.

    Your elbows wouldn’t have recommended it, but you did it anyways. You dove through the air, tackling the dog just as his hand tapped the door. You two slid on the polished wood floor, and hit a wall harshly. Pluto struggled in your bear hug.

    “You...stupid dog!” you growled.

    “(Name)! Are you alright?” Emily was calling to you.

    “Get the dog!” you yelled to Finni, ignoring Emily’s concerned question.

    “Oh! Right!” Finni squeaked, then hurried over to you. He grabbed Pluto, and dragged him down the hall, scolding the crazy manhound the entire way. Emily was the one who actually helped you up. You dusted off your dress.

    “That was close,” Emily breathed.

    “I’m not gonna let a dog ruin this evening,” you stated. “Nothing can go wrong.”

   Emily nodded in agreement, then you two headed off down the stairs. Sebastian was waiting at the bottom. As soon as your foot hit the floor, he grabbed you and spun you around, checking the dress.

    “No holes or tears. Good,” he mumbled to himself. You pushed away and rolled your eyes.

    “Your welcome,” you sighed.

    “Thank you. Maybe you two should sit down,” Sebastian told you guys. You and Emily headed back into the kitchen, and sat down in two chairs. You rubbed your eyes and yawned.

    “Tired already?” Emily smirked.

    “Exhausted,” you uttered under your breath.

    “The day is still young,” Sebastian commented.

    “Sebastian?!” Bard’s voice echoed from outside in the garden.

    “Yes?” Sebastian called back, sticking his head out of the back doorway.

    “We need your help!” Bard yelled again.

    “I’ll be back,” Sebastian sighed, and left the room to you and Emily.

    You two relaxed for a minute, drinking in the serene silence, until there was a knock at the door. You groaned audibly, and you guys headed out of the kitchen and to the front door. You swung it open. (Hey, who’d blame you? You were tired, and your mental puzzle pieces didn’t click together right away.)

    A man was in the door, just as tall as Sebastian. He had white hair, but he didn’t look more than twenty-something years old. His eyes were a stunning magenta. You almost got lost in them, to be honest. He was wearing a formal white suit with medals pinned to the chest.

    “Hello,” he greeted slyly, showing straight white teeth.

    “H-hi…” you said shyly.

    “Can we help you?” Emily asked, making it evident she wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

    “Yes, you can,” he winked at you two.

    Okay, (Name) don’t melt in the doorway. You told yourself.

    “I have a message from the Queen.”

    “The Queen?” you gasped.

    Why does this seem so familiar?

    “Indeed. I am her personal messenger. You may call me Ash,” he grinned.

    Ash. Ash…

You have definitely heard that somewhere.

    “Oh! Well, come in,” you said, moving so he could. You closed the door gently and stared up at him with wide eyes. To your horror—and delight—he reached out a hand. You slowly took it, letting him bring it to his lips. You winced as he kissed it, then a blush spread on your cheeks like wildfire.

    Emily was next. Though something odd transpired. Something that you didn’t expect to occur. As soon as his pale fingers closed around Emily’s trembling hand, her whole body shot up in pain.

    Ash’s eyes went wider than even yours, and he slowly began to sneer. You saw the pain she was in growing more tense as he gripped her hand tighter.

    She collapsed to her knees, tears in her eyes.

    “No! Stop!” you screamed.

    Emily weakly grabbing something. It was a purple ring. She yanked the gold chain from her neck and slipped it on.

    Ash was still sneering, not letting go of her hand. You tried to think of something, but at this point, fear rushed through your body. You were too scared to even think. You were frozen in place.

    You then notice something on Emily’s arm. It looked like a tendon blade.

    You shrieked and stumbled back. Ash was laughing wildly and maniacally. She stood up slowly, to your and Ash’s surprise.

    “Dirty angel,” she growled, raising her arm.

    “Oh? So you’ve figured it out, unholy one,” he laughed louder.

    “I’m gonna send you back to heaven, Ash,” she snapped.

    “Not if I send you to hell first.”

    With that, he ripped out a gleaming long sword. You gasped loudly.

    “No! Don’t hurt her!” you shouted.

    “No promises, my dear.” Ash smirked, then lunged at Emily. You saw the whole thing.

    She swung her arm blindly, just barely missing his head. He parried at her, and she blocked it with her arm. His sword slid off her arm painfully, leaving sparks. She flung her arm out, and he jumped to the side.

    She hopped back as he swung at her chest. She blocked one more time before he cut her exposed shoulder. She gasped in pain. She grunted and tried to focus.

    The ring on her finger suddenly turned into tendons, and it started to snake down her arm and to her hand.

    Five long, sharp blades shot out from where her thumb and fingers were. She almost looked like Wolverine, to be honest. The blades were about twelve inches long each. With her weapon, she slashed at the angel with all her force. She scraped the front of his suit. He growled and swung at her. She ducked under his blade just before it could hit her.

    She dove forward at him, scraping his arm with her finger-blades. He gasped and staggered back.

    Taking this to your advantage, you took your turn and kicked him sharply in the back of his knee.

    Ash fell to the ground, wincing. Emily stepped up to him, bringing her hand down fast. The four blades of her fingers were buried deep in his right shoulder. He screamed in agony, and clawed at her hand uselessly.  

    You bit your lip nervously, thinking of what you should do now.

    That’s when it hit you.

    Why not quickly go inform Sebastian? Maybe he’ll do something about this.

    With no time to waste you ran back in the kitchen and through the garden, leaving Emily and Ash alone.

    Just as you look behind you, making sure he didn't follow you, you bump against a tall black figure. You stumbled on your feet, struggled to keep your balance and looked up.

    “Sebastian!” You said.

    “What is the matter?” Sebastian asked, looking bewildered.

    “There’s an angel in the household and he’s trying to kill Emily!” you exclaimed.

   “What!? An angel!?” he growled.

    His eyes began to glow a pinkish color. You didn't even have to ask. You knew he was just as furious and worried as you were. You gestured him to follow you as you both ran back in the house and to the front door.

   Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock.

    “Ash!” he growled.

    He strode forwards, tackling Ash away. As they tumbled off by the front door, Ash’s sword stay stuck in Emily’s shoulder. Emily suddenly screamed aloud, letting all the agony out verbally. Her scream died out within seconds as you bent down beside her in hysterics.

    “Don’t die again! He might not let you back this time!” you wailed, tears now falling from your (eye color) eyes. She just shook her head, letting tears flow down her cheeks.

    “Emily? Say something!” you cried in her ear. She let out a choked sob.

    Sebastian and Ash were standing up now. Ash brought out a smaller, shiny dagger from his belt. Sebastian suddenly was holding knives from the silverware cabinet in his fists. They started to battle, but you weren’t paying much attention. You were more concerned for Emily.

    “Emily, talk to me!” you yelled louder.

    “Out…” she said in a quiet, raspy voice. Your eyes lit up. You couldn’t understand what she was saying so you bent down closer to hear her better.

    “Say it again!” you hollered.

    “ out…” she croaked, still barely below a whisper.

    “I can’t hear you!” you cried again, leaning closer.

    “THE DAMN SWORD! TAKE IT OUT DAMMIT!” she screamed suddenly. You jolted back at her abrupt outburst, but you slowly realized what she meant.

    Sebastian’s head briefly whipped back at you and Emily as he threw a fork at Ash, who deflected it.

    “Oh! I don’t think I can…” you touched in gently. She grunted.

    “JUST RIP IT OUT!” she shrieked louder, grabbing the collar of your shirt and pulling you close to her face. You nodded quickly, then placed a hand on the hilt. She bit her lip hard, drawing blood.

    How Emily managed not to show a sign of intense pain shocked you.

    “One...Two…” you counted. “Three!”

    You ripped the sword from her shoulder.

    You threw the sword back behind you, looking at her with intense interest. Then, she screamed.

    She wailed like a death metal singer.

    “I’m sorry!” You screeched.

    She shook her head again. Her screaming slowed into a whimper. The blood was still coming out of her in buckets. Her claw hand was still there, but she had no use for it.

    That’s when what you and Emily wanted to not happen, happened.

    Sebastian and Ash were still battling, diving and rolling around the room.

    You were repeating the same words over and over again, apologizing profusely. She was whimpering, losing gallons of blood, and crying her bloodshot eyes out.

    Ciel was at the top of the stairs.

    His blue eye scanned the scene before him. His butler, fighting an angel. You were kneeling down beside Emily, who was nearing death, again.

    He let out a small squeak, his mouth forming the shape of an ‘O’. His eye was wide as ever, and his complete form was struck with terrible shock.

    His trembling hand slowly reached up to his eyepatch.

    He’s gonna take it off. You thought.

    His pale fingers closed around it, beginning to lift up the black material.

    Dear God he’s gonna take it off.

    He lifted up the eyepatch.

    He’s gonna save us all!

 His eye was glowing a brilliant pink. The pentagram was in fine detail now.

    “Sebastian! Ciel bellowed, Kill Ash.

    “Yes, my lord.”

    Sebastian pulled a long blade out from his suit. It was fitting, made from some sort of deep black metal. He sprinted forwards, ending the fight with a lunge. His sword went right through an unexpecting Ash. His wings suddenly shot out from his back, ripping the nice white suit. The white feathers had the wingspan on six feet, maybe more.

    Ash started to deteriorate. It started with his arms. They broke off into black dust. Ash started to scream, but as the breakdown of his body into black dust spread to his chest, it began to fade away. It started to climb to his head. He gave one last terrified expression and squeal, then he disappeared completely into black powder.

    The powder floated to the floor softly. Then, it burst into flames. Sebastian stepped back, barely avoiding them. The dust sizzled and was gone. Ciel came dashing down the stairs now, ripping off his eyepatch completely.

    “Save Emily!” he screamed, kneeling down. As you and Emily looked into his eyes, one glowing pink and one ocean blue, his widened more and he gasped sharply.

    He then noticed Emily’s claws. He stood up abruptly, taking in short and panicky breaths.

    Emily used every last ounce of her strength to rip the ring from her other hand with her claws. She ended up leaving a pretty big gash on one finger, but she got the ring off. You see the tendons returned inside her arm. Then you see her eyes slowly beginning to shut.

    Your heart sunk. Your mouth slowly gaped open.

    “No...Emily...please—” you say under your breath, tears shedding from your (eye color) orbs.

    Sebastian placed the knives back in his pockets and slowly made his way over. He observed Emily’s body for a moment, then he smiled.

    “Do not worry yourself, Miss (Name),” he said, carrying Emily in his arms bridal style. “She only passed out. She is only on conscious. However, we will need to take her to her room and let her rest, that way she will have time to recover.”

    You nodded. You placed a hand on your chest and sighed, relieved your friend wasn't dead. Though you could still sense a little worry in his red wine eyes. He was just as worried. You and Ciel follow him back to the room.

    You opened the door for him as he gently placed Emily on her bed.

    I hope she’ll be okay. You told yourself.
Ciel x Reader x Sebastian- Chapter 15

Guess who visits the household this time? :la:  None other than ASH! :dummy: France Laughing - Evil Inverted Just like I said he'd be in it at some point. >D

But again, I'm really sorry for the delays and late updates with this story ;-; But I really hope you enjoyed this! c: <33

Sebastian, Ciel, Finni Pluto, Ash and Bard © Yana Toboso, Funimation and their other makers.

You © :iconsebbyrapefaceplz: :iconphantomhiverapeface:

Story Plot © Me/along with the assist of a good friend of mine.

Picture © Its original owner. 


Chapter 13:…

Chapter 14:…

Chapter 15: (Here)

Chapter 16: TO BE SOON!

(A/N: FINALLY. DONE WITH THE FOURTEENTH CHAPTER. Playful Kiss: Faint  I'm really, like extreeeeemely sorry about this late very late update. ;-; I haven't really had the time to really get back to this story till now. And the depression I had is half of the reason why too. v.v ;m; But, I was finally able to get to it at least! Right? ;D Also, A BIT OF A SPOILER I added a little flashback at the beginning from the previous chapter, just so you guys wouldn't get lost of what's going on. And what went on in the last chapter. Yer welcome. c: Anyway, I hope you enjoy! <33 )  


                                                                            Chapter Fourteen

                                                                             (Emily’s POV)


    When I finished dinner, I told them I was tired. I walked up to my room, and didn’t even bother to close the door. I stood next to my bed, counting.


    “What happened! Tell me now!” Sebastian burst in, closing the door. He strode up to me, scowling with his wide red eyes.

    “I’d be happy to.”


   “Get up, girl.”

    “What? Where am I?” I asked, opening my eyes. I was in the pitch black.

    “I’ve come here to make a deal with you.”

    “A deal? Who are you?” I demanded. The voice didn’t say anything. Suddenly, the area filled with dim candle light. The endless void of darkness surrounded me. There were red candles on the floor, in a wide circle. Someone was standing in the middle.

    He was wearing a dark black robe. I couldn’t see his face, and frankly, I’m glad. I could feel that whatever was under there was evil and ugly. I shrank back against the floor.

    “I have a deal for you,” he repeated in a deep and forceful voice.

    “What deal?” I asked, quivering. It was so damn cold.

    “Answer me this: Do you want to live?”

    “Yes, I want to see (Name) and my other friends again! ” I begged.

    “Then I have a deal for you,” he said for the last time. “I will ask you to complete tasks, and you will live once more.”

    “What do you mean?” I started to grow more afraid.

    “If I let you live, you must agree to complete a number of tasks for me in life. I will call upon you whenever you are alone. You mustn't tell anyone, either. The tasks won’t be too major. It will be for the greater good.”

    “Are you the devil?” I asked in a shaky voice. He laughed. It was so terrible. I wanted to rip out my ears and get killed all over again. So loud. His wicked laugh slowed, but the pounding in my head increased by tenfold.

    “Do you accept my offer?”

    “What if I don’t?” I questioned.

    “Then I welcome you to hell.”

    I thought for a moment, believe it or not. What would these tasks include? I was aware of the man tapping his foot impatiently.

    “I accept.”

    “Good choice, Emily. Before you do go,” he snickered. “I must give you something.”

    He took out his hand and touched my forehead. An icy shiver rippled down my body. My side started to burn. I lifted my shirt up, and saw the sign of the devil branded into my skin. He then handed me the ring. An amethyst ring.

    “Use this to complete the tasks. It will give you power. Do you promise?”

    “I promise,” I said, putting the ring into my pocket once again.

    “One last thing then,” he chuckled lowly. “Tell that butler to be more careful.”

    “Yes, my master.”


    “Do you realize what you’ve done!?” Sebastian asked angrily.

   “It was either that or hell!” I countered loudly.

    “You’ve….I…” Sebastian trailed off. I sat down in a huff on my bed. After a minute of pure silence, Sebastian walked over and pulled me into another hug.

    “I’m just glad to be back.”

    “I suppose you and my master aren’t all too different now,” Sebastian pulled away and frowned.

    “I guess not,” I concurred.

    “Promise me one thing,” Sebastian uttered to the floor.


    “You’ll find a way to purify your soul. When my time is done here, and I return to where I came from, I don’t want to see you there.”

    “Understood,” I assured him.

    “The young master and (Name) cannot know of this.”

    “Not at all,” I agreed, shaking my head.

    He nods. “Good.”

    “Good night, Sebas-chan.” I teased him.

    “Sleep well, unholy one.” he teased back.

    Sebastian left me to my own bearings. I slowly brought the ring out from my pocket. I admired it again, and it seemed the amethyst looked...brighter. I slipped it on the finger and closed my eyes. When I opened them, nothing happened.

    I pushed through the washroom door and looked into the mirror. A gasp escaped my throat. My eyes were ablaze with purple fire. I suddenly felt stronger, like I could take on the world. My left arm started to twitch. Abruptly, my arm began to transform.

    Red tendons snaked out of my skin. I could barely watch, but thankfully, I couldn’t feel anything. More tendons and muscle emerged from my left arm skin, wrapping around it slowly. Then, they hardened quickly. A gleaming blade shot out. My entire arm was a cascading silver blade.

    The blade’s flat surface was covered in black and red tendons. It started to come out of my arm about from my shoulder, and got wider as it reached my wrist. I no longer had a hand. I closed my eyes shut tight, and opened them. The tendons snaked back in my arm, and the blade was gone. I concentrated again.

    The tendons shot back out, and the weapon returned. I could control this power. I quickly made it go away, finding the sight of my arm like that somewhat sickening. I took the ring off, and my eyes returned to normal. I stumbled from the washroom in a daze.

    My sleeve was torn to shreds. I changed from the ruined clothing and into a fresh pile on my bed. I searched around through a few drawers, and found a gold chain. Perfect. I thought to myself as I loaded the ring onto it. I made sure to hide the new necklace underneath my fresh shirt.

    I laid down on my bed. It was nice, being back in the manor again. I snuggled into the red sheets, and sighed. Tomorrow will be better, I assured myself. With that, I slipped off into a steady, dreamless sleep.


                                                                       ~***End of Flashback***~

                                                                                  (Your POV) 

    “YO, (Name)!” Someone screamed your name. You shot up, inhaling sharply as you clutch the blankets on your bed. Your heartbeat slowly decreases when you see Emily, standing right next to your bed.

    “What?!” you gasped.

    “Breakfast is ready, my de-ah,”  she said, imitating a British accent.

    “Oh. Sweet.” you grumbled. You kick the blankets off you as you see Emily prancing down the hall.

    “So much for a morning wake up call.” You groan as you stand on your feet now, slowly making your way to the door.

    Why is Emily so energetic this morning? you wondered. She was never a morning person. You knew that for a fact.

    I guess people do change when they are resurrected. Just like in the movies. You thought to yourself.  

    You brushed your (length or hair), (color of hair) hair into a bun, then head downstairs. When you arrive, you saw Emily and Ciel already seated at the table, halfway done with their breakfast.

    You sat down groggily. Sebastian came in with your plate, and you ate pretty quickly. You guys had finished your breakfast around the same time.

    “So,” Ciel began. “We are having a guest over today. He is from another confection company, and I hope to merge with his. Be that as it may, I would ask for you two to keep out of trouble, just for today. Do we have a deal?”

    You pursed your lips, thinking of a response. You turned to see if Emily had a response. That was obviously a no because her face suddenly turned pale. You glanced at her worriedly, then finally answered.

     “Yeah, we can do that,” you assured.

    Emily nodded weakly. Ciel gazed at her curiously for a moment, then stood up and went to do...something. You didn’t know what it was. You looked over at Emily and nudged her arm.

    “You okay?” you asked in concern.

    “Mhm,” she replied slowly, “I’m fine.”

    “Okay, then I guess we’re just gonna…not do a lot today.” you sighed. You and Emily stood up and began to head up the stairs.

    “I think I’ll go and read.” she choked out. You raised a brow at her actions. Something wasn’t right. She wasn’t acting like herself. Not one bit. That’s not the Emily you knew since youth.

    “Are you sure you’re okay, Emily?” you asked one more time.    

    “Just a little tired.” she replied quickly. Again, you still weren’t sure if she was denying it or not, but you shrugged it off and head straight to your room.  

    You were worrying about Emily. Something has to be on her mind, but why wasn’t she telling you? You decided to go check up on her. You get up, slowly tiptoe to your door and slightly cracked it. You were about to head out when you heard someone crying from the other room. It was Emily.

    “Devil,” you heard her croak. When you saw Sebastian coming through the hall, you quickly hid behind the door. You leaned against it, sighing in relief that he didn’t see you...or at least you hoped he didn’t.

    You leaned against the wall of the room, eavesdropping half of the conversation.

    “What’s wrong?” you heard Sebastian’s voice ask quietly.

    “I’ve made a mistake! I’ve made a mistake!” you heard Emily weep.

    “It’s alright,” Sebastian sighs, “We’ll get you out of this. We’ll find a way to purify your soul. I never thought I’d say this, but, I am not letting you go to hell.”

    “It’s too late.” Emily cried, “He’s the devil, you’re a demon. He calls the shots. I’m roped in.”

    You pulled away from the wall after that. You heart stopped cold. A shiver rushed down your spine. Your whole body was shaking.

    You couldn’t believe it. Your best friend was a demon? Is that what she was implying? Emily’s going to hell!?

    What did she do?

    Don’t tell me she’s going to die again.

    That thought had your heart caught in your throat.

    No, stop it (Name), you told yourself, You’re just being paranoid. Perhaps this could all be just a little prank or something.

    You tried to shrug it off. Maybe you were just being paranoid.

    But...then again what if that wasn’t the case? What if you were right? What if what you just heard is true?

    The big dispute in your head was giving you a migraine. You tried to forget about it.

    You heard a sudden knock on the door. It startled you a little, but you went and answered. When you saw who it was, you stumble back.  

    “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Emily asked, looking worried.

    “No!” you insisted, laughing nervously as you place a hand on your chest, “All good over here!”

    “Huh?” she eyed you suspiciously, “Wanna do something? I’m not in the mood to read anymore.”

    “What do you wanna do?” you asked haltingly.    

    “I dunno.” she tried to think, “We could...erm…How about-”

    “Are you messing with me?” you snapped out of the blue. You were even surprised by your own actions.

    “What’re you talking about, (Name)?” she asked, growing nervous.

    “Are you? You aren’t really going to hell, right? Please. Please don’t go to hell.” you begged, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her.

     “What? Why would I be going to hell?” she said, acting clueless.

    “You and Sebastian were talking!” you wailed, “He said he wouldn’t let you go to hell! And you were talking about being roped in with the devil!” Her facial expression changed to shock as she pushed you into your room.

    “Be quiet!” she hissed, “No one can hear us, got it?”

    You nodded. Tears were trembling on your eyelashes.

    “I suppose now is better than later,” she sighed. “Sit down.” she ordered. You sat on the edge of your bed, biting your lip nervously. Tears now started to stream down your cheeks.

    “You know how...uhm… I died?” she asked.


    “Well, the Undertaker’s remedy wasn’t what brought me back to life.”

    “It wasn’t?” you say, confused.

    “I made a deal with the devil,” she blurted out. You were frozen in place. You just stared at her. You were too shocked to even reply right away. You couldn’t believe your ears. Your best friend made a deal with the devil? The devil!? 

You sold your soul?!” you gasped.

    “No! No, I would never, ever, do that,” she tried to calm you down, “He said, if I wanted to come back to life and see you guys again, I had to perform tasks for him. I don’t know what they are, I don’t know when I’ll have to do it. But, if I don’t obey him...well… no promises that my soul will stay here.”

    At this point, you couldn’t hold your tears back any longer. Even if you wanted to.

    “No! Don’t go to hell!” you implored. You wailed so loud you could barely breathe.

    “I won’t!” she says, “You heard Sebastian. We’re gonna fix my soul, okay? I’ll do the tasks, the devil will be pleased, and we can purify my soul. I’m not gonna leave you.”

    “Promise?” you asked her, desperate hope filled your eyes.

    “Promise,” she confirmed. You smile weakly as you two hugged for a brief moment, then she gently pushed you away.

    “For now, wanna play a game?” she asked with a smile.

    “Okay! We could-”

    Suddenly, the house rumbled. A loud ‘boom’ came from the downstairs. You lost your balance and hit your back against the dresser. Emily nearly face planted against the wall.

    The rumbling stopped. The brief silence was replaced with a shrill scream.

    “(Name)! Emily! Oh, please help us!” Mey-Rin was calling. She ran down the hall, and stopped in the doorway, catching her breath. “We...we…”

    “Mey-Rin!” Emily gasped, “Calm down.”

    “The guest is going to arrive and we just blew up the kitchen!” she screeched, waving her arms around wildly. You and Emily glanced at each other, then hurriedly ran downstairs and to the kitchen. Emily made it there first.

    “Holy hell…” you heard Emily gasp. You walked in beside her and inhaled sharply, leaning against the doorframe. The entire kitchen was a mess.

    Everything was destroyed and covered in black soot. Bard’s hair had puffed up into an afro, and his usually white outfit was now black. Finni was in complete shock, holding a stick of dynamite.

    “What’re we gonna do!?” Emily asked helplessly.

    “When is the guest going to arrive?” you asked, stepping into the kitchen and waving away smoke from your face.

    “Very soon, an hour at most,” Bard ran a hand through his hair nervously.

    Lovely. Just fucking lovely. 

 “That’s not good.” Emily commented.

    “It’s fine,” you assured the servants, “We’re gonna fix this.”

    “But how?!” Mey-Rin cried.

    “Uh…” you were speechless. You licked your lips as many ideas rushed through your mind. Before you could speak, Ciel rushed to the doorway, gaping at the mess and you two.

    “What happened?!” he panted, putting a hand on the door frame.

    “We blew up the kitchen!” Finni wailed abruptly.

    “What?!” Ciel yelped. “The guest is going to be here soon!”

    “Yes,” you sighed in annoyance, “We are well aware. We can fix this. Where’s the butler?”

    “Right here.” Sebastian groaned from behind Ciel. “Using dynamite to cook again, were you Bard?”

    “Sorry… It just…it just seemed quicker,” Bard tried to defend his method of cooking.

    “ cook?” Emily questioned sarcastically to no one in particular.

    “Okay! We understand that using explosives to cook isn’t very smart,” you stated, “Ciel, don’t worry. We can clean this up in time.”

    “I hope.” Ciel gulped.

    “You may return to your studies, young master,” Sebastian said, pushing Ciel gently away from the ruined kitchen. After Ciel had walked up the stairs, he turned to you two.

    “Everyone, out. Now.” he ordered strictly.

    “You don’t need our help?” you asked.

    “I do not need it at the moment,” Sebastian informed. “But I may call upon some of you later. Mey-Rin, go and dust the library. Bard and Finni, pick apples from the orchard. And you two,” he turned to you and Emily. “I have prepared something up in Miss (Name)’s room.”

    “Mhm.” Emily replied.

    “Why doesn’t he want our help?” you asked as you guys walk up the stairs.

    “He’s a demon, what d’you expect?” Emily answered.

    You just shrugged and nodded. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

    You guys stopped at your door.

    “I hope it’s something that isn’t gonna kill us.” you sarcastically joked. Emily rolled her eyes pushed open the door. There was a note and two white and blue dresses, similar to Mey-Rin’s, along with two lace aprons. You inspected the dresses, then Emily read the note aloud.

    “Dear girls,

    You will be playing the part of maids for today. As you may already understand, Mey-Rin cannot handle even the most simple of tasks on her own, let alone entertain a very important guest arriving on business. I trust you two with this, so don’t disappoint me.

    I will give you tasks at random throughout the day. Nothing too complicated, only things like pouring tea or servings cakes. The guest will arrive at three. Be prepared.

    “Maids? Well, I guess it beats reading all day,” You grumbled aloud.

    “This guy has fantastic handwriting,” she giggled, putting the letter down. You smiled as walked over to her, wanting to see the letter yourself.

    “Well, it’s almost two thirty, so we should get dressed,” you suggested.

    “Good idea,” she agreed, taking a dress and apron from you. You two changed quickly, tossing your other clothes on your bed in an unkempt pile.

    And damn were those dresses tight, might you add.

    “This thing is uncomfortable,” You nagged, tugging at the skirt.

    “It is way too tight,” Emily frowned, trying to adjust the dress to her most comfortable level.

    “It’ll have to do,” you sighed, “I guess we wait for Sebastian to tell us what to do.”

Ciel x Reader x Sebastian- Chapter 14
Welp, it's finally here! c: Oh! I also saw how many of you were wondering what happened to Emily in the last chapter. Well, here's your answer! :dummy:

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed it! <3 Despite it's been so long since I've updated this. Damn, I really need to work on keeping things on track. ;n;

Sebastian, Ciel, Mey-Rin, Finni and Bard © Yana Toboso, Funimation and their other makers.

The devil © I have no freakin' clue who he belongs to, and I don't know if I wanna know... o^o XD

You © :iconsebbyrapefaceplz: :iconphantomhiverapeface:

Story Plot © Me/along with the assist of a good friend of mine.

Picture © Its original owner. NOT ME.

(EDIT: Oh, there's another thing I forgot to mention. Yes, for those of you who've seen my OHSHC x Reader Prologue already, I deleted it. But it's because I felt that I should maybe at least post the first chapter and then see how it goes from there. Make sense? c: ) 


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Chapter 13:…

Chapter 14: (Here)

Chapter 15:…
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Since I kinda have to get back with my other two writings again (the Black Butler and FNAF one), I was thinking of doing an Ouran Highschool Host Club x Reader for a bit. o3o Ya know, to kinda keep you guys still updated and what not while I'm working on them. c: (Since an IRL friend of mine got me into it... And damn have I been attached to it ever since.. ;_; ;u; <33 )

And it also depends on how many likes the story gets too. If it gets more than expected then I'll also do my best to try to continue that one too. c;  

But since I'm currently trying to finish watching the episodes I can (DON'T YOU START JUDGIN'! I KNOW IT'S OLD BUT STIIIILLL. I SOWYYYY ;^; ) I was thinking about doing it once I think I know the show a bit well enough. 

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