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(2016) DA ID by Lexiscreamer987
(2016) DA ID
I literally realized not too long ago, that I haven't really updated a new ID for 2016 on DA recently. o^o ;-;

So I decided to upload one for this new year. xD c:
((A/N: Hey guys! I know it's been a long ass time since I updated on this story, and I deeply apologize for all these long updates. ;-; ;o; I'm not going to lie to you guys, my depression came back in mid October, and I've put my writings on Hiatus due to that.

I've been feeling a little bit better as time went on though, I promise~

Then two days ago, I finally decided to get back with my writings, especially this one since I noticed I haven't released a new chapter in a little while.

So that's what I did. :) But all in all, I hope you guys enjoy this and I apologize if this chapter seems a bit rushed.

I crammed a bit while I was writing this one, and didn't really get the chance to proofread it that much as I wanted to. ;^; But regardless of that, this is my late Christmas gift to you guys! Happy Holidays and Merry (late) Christmas!! :D ))

                                                                            Chapter Sixteen

    Hours flew by. You and Sebastian remained in the same spots—beside the edge of Emily's bed—desperately hoping she'd wake up. You guys bandaged all her wounds. On her stomach, arms and shoulders.

    You almost lost hope when suddenly Emily's eyes slowly open.

    "She's waking up." Sebastian smiled.

    "Thank God!" you gasped. "Emily? Open your eyes. Emily! It's (Name)! Wake up!"

    "It's all my fault." she said in a low whisper.

    "What? No it's not!" you told her.

    "It's all my fault. I ruined everything," she sobbed, waking up now.

    "You put up such a valiant effort to protect my master. He's very thankful." Sebastian added, trying to comfort her.

    "He's angry, isn't he?" she asked.

    "Uhm..." You couldn't think of a response for a brief moment.

    "He hates me, doesn't he?" she whimpered, bringing her bandaged hands to her eyes.

    "He does not hate you," Sebastian answered slowly.

    "He's angry then! I ruined his evening and he found out what I did!" she cried louder, "I'm such a screw up."

    "No you aren't!" you gasped, grabbing her hand. "You actually did a great job."

    "Before or after I got stabbed twice?" she hissed, ripping her hand away from you roughly.

    She sat up slowly. She was still sore from the painful scars that were bandaged on her shoulder and stomach.

    "Don't strain yourself," Sebastian sighed.

    "I can handle it," she murmured, letting her eyes fall to her blankets.

    "I'm so glad you are okay, Emily," you said softly.

    She said nothing. Dead silence filled the room.

    "Ring!" she suddenly gasped, "Where's the ring?!"

    "W-what?" you stuttered, looking puzzled.

    "Right here," Sebastian held the purple ring up. Emily reached for it desperately, but he moved his hand away before she could grab it, "I don't think you need this right now."

    "(Name)," she growled, facing you, "You should leave the room."

    "What!? Why?" you questioned.

    "Just. Leave," she pointed at the door. You frowned, then reluctantly left your spot and out the door.

    You had to admit. You really wanted to meddle their conversation. But even when you leaned against the door, you heard nothing. Not even a single mumble echoed from the room.

    You blew air out of your nose angrily and walked in your room, slamming the door behind you.

    "Why can't they just let me help them out?" You said to yourself "But no. I'm only human of course. They don't need any human's fucking assistance. They think they're all perfect and too good for any human's help. That's how that works, right?" You thought they couldn't hear you so you just continued rambling on, mimicking them.

    "Damn you stupid fucking demons. If that's how it's going to be, then fine. Like I give shit. Go and do your own things..."

    You wanted to finish but your voice catches. You fought the urge to cry as you sit on your bed, rubbing your forehead.

    I need to stop this crap. You scolded yourself.

    This is ridiculous. I'm just getting ahead of myself. Could I be...? No, I'm not jealous. Why would I be? Why would I be jealous of two fucking demons? Hell, I should be laughing at them!

    You immediately mentally slapped yourself for that. How could you think that? Especially about your friend who just risked her life for you by far?

    You sighed and stared at the ceiling. You tried shaking the feelings off.

    "I just hope she's okay." You said underneath your breath, biting your lip nervously.

    You slowly stand up from the bed.

    I really need to take a walk and cool off.

    You open the door and head out. You hoped by the time you get back Emily's wounds would heal.

    But the question still stuck to you.

    What were they talking about that they didn't want me to hear?


    Once you were outside, you decided to take a stroll in the garden. You didn't care how long the walk was or where you were going. You just wanted to keep your mind off the situation.

    A figure was making its way over to you from the distance. You squinted at first, then when you saw it was Finni running towards you, you smiled. He greeted you and began to make small talk with you. Although that small talk didn't last long before Bard yelled his name for something.

    "I'm coming, Bard!" Finni replied. He turned to you with an apologetic smile. "It was nice talking and spending time with you, (Name), but I'm afraid Bard needs my assistance. I'm so sorry about this. Perhaps another time is okay?" he asked, his eyes sparkling with hope.

    "Of course, Finni. Any time is okay with me actually." you replied, giving the boy an understanding and genuine smile.

    "Thank you so much, (Name)!" he exclaimed with joy as he flew into your arms for a quick, warm hug. You laughed a little before hugging him back, then you both release each other.

    "Bye!" he waved as he walked away to wherever his assistance was needed and required.

    As you head back inside the entrance of the manor, getting ready to return back to your room, you stop in your tracks. The two people you didn't want to run into were standing approximately five feet away from you. And frankly, you weren't really too fond to see them right now.

    You saw Emily whispering something to Sebastian as they stood in your way, but you could barely make out any words escaping her lips.

    You raised a brow as you saw them just staring at you. As if they were staring right into your soul. This made you very concerned now.

    What's up with them? Did they manage to eavesdrop what I said earlier in my room? you questioned, trying to collect your thoughts. Is that what this may be about?

    You gave them a sheepish smile and a shy wave as you turned on your heel, attempting to speed off to the other direction before a black, gracefully thin figure teleported right in front of you, blocking your exit.

    Damn you, Sebastian...

    "H-Hey!" you snapped indignantly, "Dude! W-What the hell is the meaning of all this? What's w-with you two? What the hell is going on?"

    You tried to hide the fear crawling up your spine. Your heartbeat began to beat faster than normal. You strongly regretted your words from earlier. You just wanted to escape. From Emily, Sebastian and everyone and everything.

    God, someone please make them go away. you kept wishing uselessly, Please don't let this be what I think it is.

    You flashed them a fake smile, although they didn't seem to buy it. It was almost as if knew what you were thinking. Like your thoughts were intertwining with theirs.

    "(Name)," Emily started off slowly, walking up to you and Sebastian-the-roadblock.

    You swallowed hard and rough. Emily tapped her toe almost rhythmically to the thump of your now rapidly racing heart.

    Do they think this is enthralling? To mess with me like this? you thought, feeling intimidated.

    Ironically enough, seconds after you said that mentally, you saw a slight smirk slowly spreading across Emily's cheeks.

    "(Name)," she repeated. "Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

    You gulped again and quickly shook your head.

    "Oh," Sebastian smiled. "But I think there is, (Name), my dear."

    Shit... You said instinctively as you curled and uncurled your hands into tight balls many times.

    You couldn't dare tell them the truth. Not right away at least. Just the foreshadow of telling them made you grow numb and cold. What would they do? Condemn you to hell? Or do any other sort of horrible things to you? You didn't want to find out.

    You looked back at Emily, giving the same, tired, 'leave me the hell alone' smile. Your eyes drifted away momentarily, then you spoke hurriedly.

    "Uh...of course not! I was just... going to go upstairs to my room! That's all!" you blurted.

    You shivered then, regretting your sporadic choice of words.

    You were getting ready to make a run for it before Emily suddenly spoke.

    "No, you weren't."

    She sidestepped, blocking your way once again. You frowned nervously. You tried to step around Emily, but it seemed like she wasn't letting that happen.

    Well damn, I'm screwed... you thought hopelessly at first, then something spontaneous hit you.

    Wait... instead of going around Emily, maybe I can easily just go around Sebastian. you began to think, without forming any sort of plot. You then began to smirk as you clear your throat.

    "Uh actually, yes, I was," you lied convincingly. "Now, I will kindly ask you to move out of my way so I can go upstairs to my room, please." You turned on your heel again, preparing yourself to pass Sebastian.

    "Okay," Emily spoke up as she sighed.

    You stopped and froze in place.

    "Since you aren't going to tell us, we'll tell you. We heard everything, (Name). And I cannot make myself more clear, even if I were made from crystal, you do not want to be a demon. I'll repeat. You. Do not. Want to be. A demon. Got it?

    Just as the words began to sink into you, she continued her statement,

    "We're just different, is all. We have powers, sure. But for these few days, I have to admit, I've envied you like no other. Being able to not worry about stuff like this. You know what being a demon got me? A sword through the stomach and a sword through the shoulder. That didn't feel good, I can assure you. Being a demon, (Name), I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm going to hell, kid. I made a pact with the devil. I can't get out of it. Unless there is some greater force out there, per say, God reaches out to me. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make it into heaven," Emily took a breath.

    "(Name), my de-ah, never wish to be a demon. You've seen Ciel. He's marked by the devil, too. And I couldn't describe his life better than a 'living hell'. The poor kid. You don't want to be like that, (Name). Do you want to spend every minute of your day thinking about how you're going to hell? How the devil can use you whenever he wants? To do whatever he wants? No. I'm answering for you; no. Always say never, (Name). I'm praying God'll save 'ya. That is, if He will still listen to my prayers," She rubbed her eyes, looking down now.

    "And to finish my little speech, (Name), there's one thing. I, Sebastian and Ciel are gonna do whatever we can to protect you from becoming what we've become. What I've become. I made a mistake. We made a very big mistake. We won't let you make the same one. We're gonna help you make it through this. So listen when I say this to you, 'Being a demon is worthless'. I love you, kiddo. You're my best friend and I refuse to let the same fate rest on you."

    And she finished with that. As her words repeated in your head, your eyes went from dry to teary and wet within minutes. In fact, they were sliding down your cheeks like waterfalls. Her words shook you to your very core. When Emily looked back up, you flew into her arms for a hug.

    'She's doing all of this...for me?' you asked yourself, sniffling some. 'I love you too, Emily. Even now, I'm still very worried about you, but despite that fact, do you guys truly want to do this? All of this for me?'

 "Yes, I do. We all do." she answered aloud. You lifted your head up from her shoulder, your shiny (eye color) eyes wide. She gave you one last squeeze, then pushed away. You were pretty dizzy, but then again, anyone who just got that speech from someone they care about might be a bit disoriented.

    Sebastian was speechless. His red wine eyes traced your form, then Emily's, then slid to the ground often. He never looked like he were going to say something. He only watched you two with morbid curiosity. He straightened up after a minute, his eyes flicking back and forth between you two.

    "I hate to admit, even I could not have said it better myself," he sighed and smiled.

    "You look tired, (Name). Wanna go up to your room now?" Emily smirked. You give her a blank look at first, then nodded weakly.

    You guys then walked up the stairs together wordlessly. She took you to your room, made sure you were okay, and left.

    As you plopped on your bed, you felt relaxed almost immediately when your head met the soft, silky pillow underneath it. You were pretty exhausted from today. You were thinking about reading a book before heading to bed, but your fatigued body tried winning that thought over. You blink multiple times, trying to fight with your body to stay awake, but you didn't stand a chance. You shut your eyes and eventually pass out.


    You slowly open your eyes, only to find yourself with a throbbing headache and on some hard, concrete floor.

    Huh? What the hell?

    You sat up stiffly and gently rubbed your eyes, then your head.

    Oh no... Not again. You gotta be kidding me... you begin to panic, realizing you were anywhere but at the manor. Again.

    Again. The word of the day, folks! Everytime you say it, someone gets kidnapped!

    Like me...

    "Ah. Did you sleep well, darling?" you heard a familiar sassy, male voice say from the distance. You remained on the floor for quite some time until you finally got the urge to stand up on your feet. You took a look around, trying to ignore the excruciating headache.

    You noticed there were tons and tons of abandoned booths filled with broken glass and other things. There were also rusted Ferris wheels, vandalized boats, and even abandoned Victorian circus tents. Everything was dirty and dilapidated. A shiver ran down your spine. This deserted carnival had a haunted, cold air around it. You could just feel it. The dark, outcast atmosphere above it all made it even more disturbing and creepy.

    But the real question is, how the heck did you get here in first place?

    "Grell? Is that you?" you asked, looking back and forth for the reaper.

    Suddenly, without warning, he popped out right out the blackness from behind one of the Victorian tents and waved at you.

    "You-hoo! Surprise, Surprise!" he said, smiling like a madman as usual.

    You recoiled at his unexpected presence, then redeemed yourself after a few moments.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah." you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, "So what do ya got for me this time, Grell? What are you even doing here?"

    "Darling, I believe the real question here, is what are you doing here?" he replied.

    " 'Scuse me?"

    "Well, after all. You were the one who slept walked all the way over here to this rotten, abandoned amusement park." he stated as he leaned his back against the wall, looking at his fingernails like a woman just got them done and neatly polished. 

    Your eyes went huge. Sleepwalking? You didn't recall of ever being a sleepwalker in your life. Maybe a bit of a snorer, yes, but you found this really hard to believe. You parted your lips to tell him something, but he cut you off.

    "But anyhow. I'm glad you're here actually."

    He looked at you directly in the eye now.

    "Why? What am I useful for this time?"

    "I wouldn't say useful is right word for you. Maybe... the perfect target per say." he began to smirk maniacally.


    Your eyebrows furrowed at him with concern and curiosity. "What are you getting at, Grell?"

    "Well..." he started. He put his hands behind his back before he continued, "Remember how the Undertaker said you were "weren't" on the To-Die list? Well, it appears he was wrong on that."

    "What? How? After that whole ritual shit thing I went through about my soul being pure and all, and now you're saying I'm supposed to die?" you exclaimed in both anger and fear.

    He fished through his pockets for his book, flipped through the pages at excessive speed, then stopped and traced his finger at one of the pages.

    "Ah. See? Here it is. I was right after all! Your name does seem to be in my book of names. Right here." he then looked up at you with a sinister smile. "Looks like you were on the To-Die list all this time."

    You stood very still through it all, looking at him with kind of dazed horror as his words started to sink in deep.

    "W-What? But that's impossible.. There's no way... No fucking way..."

    "Ah, the truth does hurt sometimes, doesn't it?" he said without a care as he shook his head and folded his arms. "I can't lie to you, I did enjoy the memories of reaping souls with you from before."

    He slowly pulled out his Death Scythe and flickered the same sinister grin at you, "But now, I have to admit, I'm just dying to see what your Cinematic Records will look like."

    When he ran his Scythe right in front of you, you couldn't even hear its loud uproar. Because the only thing you could hear now, is the sound of your own hammering heart. And boy was it pounding with a great deal of volume.

    You stumble back against the booth behind you as he sauntered his way to you.

    You looked down and around in search for any nearby weapons to defend yourself with. You saw a few pieces of broken glass, picked a few chunks up and threw it directly at his face with hurried speed, hoping to maybe gouge his eyes out. But he dodged the chunks with ease and chuckled in amusement.

    "Did you really think that was going to work? You've got to be joking." he rolled his eyes as he laughed, still moving toward you with his running chainsaw.

    "N-No Grell... you asshole... p-please... don't do this..." you implored, hoping he'd spare your life.

    "Sorry, darling. A reaper's got to do what a reaper's got to do."

    You cower in fear and closed your eyes tightly, ready to face your own death. There was nowhere to run now. You felt Grell loom over you with his chainsaw high in the air above you, prepared to bring it down to end your life.

    Just as the spinning blade near your head, you suddenly hear the blade's intense loudness seize.

    You waited a few moments, unsure of why it hadn't came down to slice you in half already. Then, when you reopened your eyes, you gaped as you perceived why it never touched you.

    Sebastian was gripping it, glaring at Grell with extreme outrage. He ripped it forcefully from Grell's grasp, causing the reaper to squeak in shock. When he saw who it was, Grell then calmed himself.

    "Sebby! Why have you interrupted my work, darling?" he scoffed, placing his fists on his hips sassily.

    "You were going to kill her!" Ciel yelled angrily. Your head shot up, and you grinned when you saw your rescue crew, ready to take you back home.

    "Yeah, you asshole!" Emily added in the same tone as Ciel's.

    "Yes, I was indeed! Her soul was due today! Seriously!" Grell defended himself, taking out his To-Die list and flipping through it quickly. He stopped on a name, and shoved the leather book into Emily's arms. She looked at the name for a brief second, then burst out laughing.

    "You're such a fucking idiot!" she laughed, losing control of her mental state.

    You, Ciel and Grell exchanged looks of confusion before Emily continued.

    "That's one letter off from her original name! You screwed up, again!"

    "What?! Let me see!" Grell demanded, taking the book from her. His indignant scowl dropped to a frown when he saw his mistake. "Oh..."

    "Urgh! Dammit! Do you know the trouble you've caused?!" Ciel huffed.

    "I'm sorry, alright! I really am!" Grell said as he put his book away. Grell walked over to you with open arms, hoping for a hug as a sign of forgiveness, but you growled and backed away.

    "Don't you dare fucking touch me!" you hissed as you sank down against the booth you were cornered by, crying in tears of relief and anger.

    Grell lowered his head, feeling deep sorrow and guilt about his wrongdoing and the mess he caused.

    "(Name), dear, come here," Sebastian said, scooping you up into his arms. He held you bridal style. You were sniffling into his shoulder. He set you down gently behind Emily and Ciel. You hugged them tightly.

    "It's okay. You're here now, you're safe," Emily assured you gently with a smile.

    "I know, I just... I just can't believe he tried to fucking kill me! Again! That fucking ass hole!" you cried into her.

    "Shh. I know. It's alright. Everything is going to be okay, (Name). You're safe with us now. I promise." Ciel said, laying a hand on your shoulder and rubbing it to relax you.

    Sebastian and Emily turned to Grell with same evil glare.

    "Next time you try anything on her, and it'll be you who's next on the To-Die list, comprende?" Emily scowled at Grell.

    "And we will not show any mercy on you, either. So, if I were you, I suggest you should keep that in mind, Grell." Sebastian flashed him a forced incensed smile. And with that, they walked away and followed you and Ciel on the way back to the manor.
Ciel x Reader x Sebastian- Chapter 16
Author's note basically pretty much wraps everything up. c:


Sebastian, Ciel, Finni, Bard and Grell © Yana Toboso, Funimation and their other original owners.

You © :iconsebbyrapefaceplz: :iconphantomhiverapeface:

Story Plot © Me/along with the assist of a good friend of mine.


Chapter 14:…

Chapter 16: (Here) 

Chapter 17: TO BE SOON!  

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First, before I begin my announcement, I wanna take a moment to say this.

I know they'll most likely never see this, but I still wanna put this out there.

This is to Mark, Matt, Ryan and even Daniel's family:

I am truly, deeply sorry for your loss, guys. I truly am.  

When I recently saw Markiplier's video on Daniel's passing, my heart just started sinking and I was so distraught. Just the news itself made me so speechless.

But I can still feel your pain and sorrow guys, even if I never met any of you in real life, including Daniel. 

I know this is a very hard time for you all, and believe me, I understand. I'm not that very good in consoling people, but I just know Daniel is watching over you guys right now, and he will forever be in your hearts. 

And I know I may not be the best at conveying my words properly, but I just figured I'd let you know that he's in a better place now. Where there's no more hurt, pain or any kind of suffering whatsoever. 

I know for a fact, that Daniel loves and still loves you just as much as you loved him. Including his fans as well too. 

Please be safe and take care. This goes to Cyndago, Mark, Daniel's family and all of Daniel's fans. You all have my condolence, guys.

And for the next announcement I wanted to make, was my stories are most likely going to be updated way later than usual now. Most definitely. School's been on my butt again for I don't even know how long. On top of that, writer's block is killing me over here. Essays, homework and all isn't helping me too much either. 

So again, I'm truly sorry for this guys. :sigh: But, like always, I'll still do my best to update as much as possible. But as of right now, these past few months have been rough and just too hard to keep track with. 

That is all. 

RWG Daniel Kyre. May he rest peacefully and be forever in our hearts. :heart: 

Pixel Rose - Black version July 6th 1994 - September 18th, 2015 Pixel Rose - Black version 
Another Updated DA ID (I guess) by Lexiscreamer987
Another Updated DA ID (I guess)
Eh, there's really not much to say. :P

I guess I just felt kinda dressy in that picture and just decided to take it. Maybe 

So, I guess you could consider this yet another updated ID for DA. ^~^ 

But yeah, that's pretty much it. C:
(A/N: I. AM. SO. SO. SO. SO. SO. SOOOOOOO FUCKING SUPER DUPER SORRY ABOUT THIS VERY LATE UPDATE!! >.< ;A; Since school started again for me, it's been harder for me to update this series a lot more than before. But don't worry! I'll still update these here and there :D Just... not as quick as you'd expect it to be ^^; I really am sorry about this guys... Like I said, this series is probably one of the hardest I've done and the process of updating these can be a pain in the ASS. ;__;

But besides the point, I'm really sorry if this chapter seems a bit weird and rushed. Like I said, it's really hard for me to update these. ^^;

But other than that, I really hope you guys like it. c: <33 )

                                                                            Chapter Seven

                                                                          (June 25, XXXX)

                                                                           (Reader’s POV)

    It was almost past 5 o’clock. Mike escorts me inside the tiny, fancy restaurant he was talking about. As we walk inside, he grabs my hand and takes me towards a glowing zinc-topped bar. To be honest, the place was much more improved and much more cleaner than how I remembered it.  

    “She’s good though, boss.” Mike says. He’s talking to a pretty tall guy in a black dress suit. His facial features were hard to make out. His kept his head down, making the light fall across the upper part of his black fedora, leaving everything except his chin and mouth in shadow. And frankly, there was a cigar in it too.

    He glances at me, his eyes flicker from my head and down, then looks back up and turns to Mike.

    “She’s skinny,” he said coldly, looking unhappy.

    “So? And your point is…?”

    “So? She’ll eat all the food in this damn restaurant!” He sighs and shakes his head.

    “Oh, Mikeyboy…” he says calmly, placing one hand on his shoulder, “Why do you always gotta bring me all these stray dogs to my restaurant? PG. Jeremy. Now this one!”

    Mike rolls his eyes and sighs irritably under his breath as he tugs on my hoodie.

    “Come on. This way.”

    I overhear his boss tell another waiter, “No one fucking cares if she’s good. My customers don’t wanna see some plain ol’ talented young women. They want real, pretty ones. With big boobs and big asses that can shake.”  

   “I’ll be sure to bring some next time,” I say, rolling my eyes. He doesn’t hear me, but Mike does.

    “Just don’t pay him any attention, (Name),” he assures me, “Boss has always been like that. For many years actually.”

    “You think anyone hassles Kim Kardashian about her boobs and ass too?”

    “Just forget it, (Name). Don’t worry about it. All that matters is the food and the money being given to us. I figured this would be a good idea for us to maybe earn a few dollars or so. Besides, I heard he’s serving (favorite food) tonight. I can smell it.”

    He ushers me to a giant stage that’s no bigger than a freakin’ manhole. It’s a tad bit larger than the stage at Fazbear’s pizzeria, but still.  

    As we took a step on the stage, he goes and sits himself right in front of a black console piano, positions himself to start playing and looks at me.

    My eyes look over to the audience. My heart drops and my legs start to tremble like kite strings. There was over a hundred people in this place. My stomach was starting to turn. I felt uneasy. I was so tempted to just dart off the stage. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

    I may not be the best singer in Kansas City, but hopefully this’ll all pay off. At least I’ll have some spare money in my pockets when I’m done. If I get lucky enough.

    I tap the mic, testing to see if it still worked. Just before we begin to play, I glimpse Mike’s boss walking around. He comes up to us and says,

    “By the way, make sure to sing a few sad songs. People tend to drink more when they’re sad.”

    So we do. Mike begins to play a few notes to “Nothing Can Hurt Me.” by MandoPony. It wasn’t the exact same notes, but since it was only a cover, it made more sense. Then when it was my cue to sing, I do. Badly at first, until my hands on the mic warm up, then overtime I become better.


    Is it finally over?
    Are you finally done?
    Are you happy now?
    Did you have your fun?

    I hope that it was worth it
    All the tears I cried
    While you were laughing
    I was terrified

    And if I never see you again
    Please remember me the way I was
    Before I was broken

    And if I never wake
    I pray the Lord my soul to take
    And your words won't hurt me anymore
    No, your words can't hurt me anymore.
    No more...

    I hope for peace
    Maybe it's all for the best
    No more Nightmares
    In my final rest

    But one thing I'll never know
    Is why you treated me like you did
    I was your only sister
    And I was just a kid...

    I wonder what mom and dad, will do?
    I hope one day they'll learn
    To forgive you

    And if I never wake
    I'll pray the Lord my soul to take
    And nothing can hurt me anymore
    No, nothing can hurt me...


    Then, we play a cover of “Balloons” by MandoPony, “When You’re Gone” by Avril Lavigne and the acoustic version of “Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin.

    After a few hours of playing those songs, I see Mike’s boss motioning us to the bar. We both do so and follow.

    There are some bowls of (favorite food) waiting for us, along with some delicious, mouth watering (favorite food side). And beside our bowls were some $20. My eyes went huge and soon I found myself grinning excitedly like a fool.

    Mike saw my reaction and just smiles and chuckles at me. “See? I told you you’d eat and earn some money.”

    I can’t lie. The food filled me with such gustatory delight. It’s beyond delicious. It’s like a blood transfusion.

    “Hey, Mike,” I say in between bites, “This is amazing. Thanks for bringing me here.”

    He’s about to say something back when this guy comes over, takes the spoon and fork out of his bowl and starts taking a few bites out of it.

    I get kind of concerned until I see the two fist bumping each other.

    “This is Jeremy Fitzgerald.” Mike tells me, “Jeremy, this is (Name). I found her at Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza. In fact, I found out she works the night shift as well. She’s also got talent, too.”

    “Then what’s she doing with you?” Jeremy asks.

    He turns to me, and… like… wow. To be honest, he’s pretty cute. And fine. Almost as fine as Mike.


    No, I mean really.

    He’s about as tall as Mike, a tad bit shorter though. But he’s lean with brown, short shaggy light brown hair. He’s got high cheekbones. His blue ocean eyes seemed as warm as coffee.

    “So, what are you doing here? Were you planning on doing anything special tonight, Jerm?”

    “No, I’m working sadly. Just came to see you guys play honestly.”

    I stay silent as they talk. The spare time of silence didn’t last long before I took my phone out from my pocket and check the time. I nearly choke on my last bite.

    10:30 PM. I have to be at my shift in two and a half hours. And this restaurant’s location is nowhere close to the pizzeria. Not like my grandparents’ house is.

    I get up and face Mike and Jeremy.

    “Guys, I would really love to stay and stick around longer, but I can’t.”

    “Why?” Mike blinks a few times, then it comes back to him, “Oh, wait... Is it because of the night shift you have tonight, right?” he says, sounding a bit disappointed.

   “Yep. Unfortunately.” I sigh. I felt bad. Really bad. I wanted to stay with these two for as long as possible. But if hadn’t been for that shitty ass job…

    “Well,” Mike hesitates, “You go and do what you gotta do.” he insists, “I guess we’ll see you another time?”

    “Sure, that’ll be fine.” I agreed, smiling.

    He smiles back. “Anyways, see you later, (Name).”

    “Oh!” Jeremy speaks up, chewing some of his food as he talks, “It was nice knowing you by the way, (Name)!”

    I grin at the two as I wave them goodbye, make my way to the door and rush out the building.

    Next stop.

    To the biggest hellhole ever invented on this Earth.


    My lungs were burning. I ran as fast as I could to this damn building. After taking the subway train to make my travel a bit easier, of course.

    I take a few heavy breaths as I place my stuff on the desk. My head’s almost a sweaty mess.

    The office was actually warm and clean. Not even the fan was enough to cool the place down a bit.

    I guess the AC isn’t working or something.

    I remove my hoodie quickly as I glance down at my phone on the desk.

    11:55pm it said, as the device shone brightly against my face.

    I sit in my chair, only to receive yet another phone call.

    How is this guy even doing all these messages throughout these nights? I wonder curiously as I, of course, let it do to voicemail.

    ''Hello, hello? Hey you're doing great! Most people don’t last this long. I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm not implying that they died. Th-th-that’s not what I meant. Uh, anyway I better not take up too much of your time. Things start getting real tonight.”

    I raise an eyebrow. What the hell does he mean by that?

    Uh... Hey, listen, I had an idea: if you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uhh, try playing dead! You know, go limp. Then there's a chance that, uh, maybe they’ll think that you're an empty costume instead…”

    I suddenly feel slightly nauseous and have this huge desire to vomit. The more he talked, the more it made my heart race even faster. None of his little “advice” was helping my fear. Not at all.

    “Then again if they think you're an empty costume, they might try to... stuff a metal skeleton into you. I wonder how that would work… Yeah, never mind, scratch that. It's best just not to get caught.”

    Yeah, good thinking... fucking Sherlock.

    “Um... Okay, I'll leave you to it. See you on the flip side!”

    As soon as I blink, I scream loudly and nearly jump out of my chair almost automatically. There was a guy dressed in all black and gold dress suit. He had golden dirty blonde hair. Although what really frightened me, was his eyes. They were completely pitch black, the only thing indicating in them were his bright, white irises.

    “Oh, please,” he says with a slight smirk as he rolls his eyes, leaning against the desk as he placed his hands on it to support him. “Like I’m gonna do anything to you, sweetheart. Relax.”

    “What exactly are you here for then?” I ask hesitantly, trying to sound confident.

    He just chuckles. And when he does, damn is it horrifying. His laughter sounded like a million demons speaking all at once. It sent many chills down my spine. In fact, I almost wanted to cover my ears. But I don’t.

    “I, in particular, am not here for any reason or cause. Although…” He trails off, snickering some more. “I did come here to warn you the boys aren’t really too happy with you. Especially my brother. Or "boss", as what he usually prefers to be called. Yeah, he's definitely pissed.”

    “The boys?” I inquire loudly. “What boys? Who are you talking about, and why the hell are they even mad at me?”

    Before he could even respond, I hear heavy footsteps stomping their way down the West Hall. They seemed human however.


    “Uh-oh, looks like someone’s coming,” the blonde male says aloud, looking a bit concerned at first before he started snickering again.


    “Looks like there’re here, darling.~” he said in a smooth, singy-songy voice.

    And when I look over, I realize my guess was right. Because there stood the same male dressed in brown that I saw the other day. Freddy. It had to be. His demeanor seemed almost skeptical... and also seething with anger too.

    His blue eyes glare at me as I makes his way over to me. I take a few steps back when he does, but when I do he takes ahold of my wrist and yanks me closer to me.. I feel very frightened and uncomfortable now.

    “Why were you hanging around that damn, son of a bitch?” he questioned, his voice raising a bit.

    “What’re you talking about!?” I exclaim, trying not to burst out screaming in horror.

    “Don’t act like you don’t know.” I hear someone else say. I see it’s Bonnie, also in his human form, crossing his arms and frowning at me. “We all saw you earlier with that Mike Schmidt guy. What were you doing hanging around him, (Name)?”

    “What? Mike? What’s so wrong with him?” I ask louder, my eyes widening by each and every moment. “He just took me to some fancy restaurant for some money. And for some food because I haven’t eaten anything all day. Why the hell is it such a big deal? Especially to you guys anyways.”

    Bonnie just blushed and ran his hand through his hair anxiously, while Freddy just growled.

    “Because we all hate him. To hell and back. He was a previous security guard way before you started coming here. Something about him is triggering us not to trust him. And we certainly don’t want you to be around him either.”

    I scoff and blink a few times before saying, “Oh? I didn’t know you’re the one who dictates who I fucking hang out with and who I don’t.”

    Freddy says something, but I don’t pay him attention as I take a glimpse at the entrance. It’s only a few yards away.

    I take this chance to push Freddy and Bonnie out of the way and sprint out the left door.

    “That isn’t such a good idea, (Name).” A voice echoes out to me as I continue my pace.

    It seemed like it belonged to the gold blonde back in the office, but to be honest, I didn’t care at this moment. I wanted to get out of here. Never return. I didn’t give a shit about the salary for this job anymore. I didn’t give a shit what my dad thought anymore. I just want to go home. Be in a place where I was safe at least. I feel like the Effexor pills have really taken over me now. Everything that was happening seemed too fucking crazy for me to believe.

    The exit’s only a few more feet away.

    Fifty. Twenty. Ten.

    I’m almost there. But almost isn’t enough. I don’t know if I’d make it out. Or if the doors were even open during night hours.

    I soon realize I’m going to die. Under this evil, demonic place they call “Fazbear’s Pizza”.

    I knew it for a fact.

    And suddenly, I don’t want to.

    I put on a last desperate burst of speed. Just as I reach the exit, only a split second ahead from merging out the door, something grips onto my arm. It yanks me towards it, and my feet almost come off the ground and I’m screaming in huge terror.

    I soon find myself slammed and pinned against the wall. Whimpering under its power. I feel defenseless. So vulnerable. My lips start to quiver as I lift my head to see my dominant attacker.

    “You’re not going anywhere, (Name).” Freddy barks, gritting his perfect white teeth. His eyes now become all pitch black and his white irises shined garishly in the dark. His face almost immediately comes closer to mine as he whispers against my ear.

    “You’re all ours, (Name), you hear me? No one else is allowed to have you but us.. You’re mine, got that?..~”

    And then, he suddenly grabs my face with both of his hands and kisses me hard on the mouth.

    My eyes went huge at his actions. I struggle at first, but eventually, I impulsively fall into it. He tasted sweet and warm. So many emotions swam through my veins. Confusion, anger and lust. All at once. Pretty soon the kiss quickly escalates into something else. Something steamy. He then slides in his tongue to my surprise, making my face heat up. Our tongues were battling for dominance, but of course, he won. As he explored every inch of my whole mouth, a slight soft moan escaped my lips. My (eye color) eyes gaze into his, only to find him smiling seductively at my sudden actions.

    Before anything else transpired, I unexpectedly hear the bell ringing. I glance up at the clock on the wall.

    6AM already? Damn.

    Why do these nights feel like they’re flying by in a heartbeat?

    As we both slowly release from the kiss, a trail of saliva connecting us, he removes his hands from my wrists and smiles at me.

    “See you tomorrow night, then, (Name).~” he purrs before smirking slightly and wandering off into the darkness.

    My face was as bright as a fucking tomato right now. I was damn sure of it. Because even after his presence had left me, I could still feel the heat on my cheeks. It was like wild fire.

    Still bewildered with what just happened, I slowly make my way to the office. No one’s in it now. Just me.  

    I pick up my things, put my hoodie back on me and head out the door.

    I was completely speechless. I just blankly stare off into space. Truthfully, I was too speechless and shocked to say anything.

    Did that… seriously just happen? …What? But what was all that fuss about earlier…? I question myself before I exit the building and off to my house.

    Then again, maybe I did enjoy it at the same time too... It did turn me on a little, I admit. 

    Wait, what? What the hell am I saying?... 

Human!FNAF x Depressed!Reader- Chapter 7

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